‘Alaskan Bush People’ Spoilers: Browns Living in Tepees And Stinky Feet Contest in New Season

Alaskan Bush People spoilers for the new season coming soon show the eccentric Brown family living in tepees while filming at their Brown Star Ranch. Sure, the wolf pack still howls at the moon but these days do it closer to civilization.

While they still build primitive things with their hands, the Alaskan Bush People Brown family is far from the Alaskan wilderness these days. It looks like the premiere date for season 9 is only a few weeks away!

Alaskan Bush People Spoilers: Moving Right Along

Last season, the Browns made a move from their Beverly Hills mansion to Washington State. They call the property they purchased North Star Ranch. But reports indicate it’s known as the Brown Star Ranch among the locals.

It looks like some improvising was called for as the Alaskan Bush People no longer live in the rural state of Alaska. While the adult children can still swing tree to tree for playtime, they now have neighbors who can see them. The original premise was the family living in the wild and using only what nature provides for their existence.

That’s not happening so much anymore. But to keep the spirit alive for the show, they’re living in an area that’s still rural. But not nearly as rural as their home in Alaska. This season it sounds like Walmart shopping is in the cards.

Speaking of Neighbors…

Reports indicate that the Alaskan Bush People now have neighbors. When not filming on their property where they put up tepees, they have a $500,000 lakefront home to go to in Omak, Washington.

It sounds like these neighbors are not thrilled about the Discovery Channel show invading their town. The town hasn’t been the same for the locals since the Brown brood showed up.

One Alaskan Bush People report suggests the family and the crew drive the citizens in that area crazy. When the Browns shop, the film crew is right behind them. So it’s quite the scene if they happen into a local store, like Walmart.

Take Life’s Lemons – Make Lemonade

Life has a way of broadsiding plans on Alaskan Bush People. It seems Ami Brown must be closer to medical facilities so the family needs to stay closer to civilization. While she’s made a recovery from her lung cancer, doctors still need to monitor the matriarch of the family.

When Alaskan Bush People first aired on the Discovery Channel years ago, people became infatuated with the family who seemingly lived off the grid. Billy Brown, Ami Brown, and their brood once lived deep in Alaska’s wilderness without a modern amenity in sight.

All the Comforts of Home

Then, as the seasons rolled along, fans learned that the Alaskan Bush People stars didn’t always live off the grid, Billy and Ami Brown did early on in their marriage. Then they’d go back from time to time, but they were far more civilized than the show first let on.

Once fans discovered the Browns weren’t quite the outdoorsy off-the-grid family they thought, they felt a bit duped. Despite finding out the Brown clan didn’t always make Alaska their home, viewers still came back to watch the show. But why?

Alaskan Bush People Fans Duped But…

Probably because no matter where this odd-acting bunch lived, they’re still entertaining. So, it looks like the Browns return for season 9. But just like last season, they’re in Washington State. Yes, it’s once again rural, but no, it’s not the Alaskan bush.

To keep the motto of living off the grid going, the family set up a series of tepees for sleeping quarters. All except for Ami, that is. The Brown family matriarch sleeps in a trailer on the premises as the family builds the Brown ranch. The ninth season of Alaskan Bush People filmed during the summer.

Matt Brown, Noah Brown, Rainy Brown, and Their Stinky Feet

Matt Brown remained in rehab during the filming of Alaskan Bush People Season 9. She is out and doing well. According to the latest reports, this time he’s facing his issues with the help of a sober life coach. There’s no word yet if Matt plans on returning to the show.

Noah Brown and his wife Rhaine Merrill Brown are expecting their first child this spring. Rainy Brown was the proud winner of the stinky feet contest among the family last year, but will she keep her crown? Perhaps the family has a sequel stinky foot contest festering for Season 9.  You’ll have to tune in and see! Season 9 premieres on Sunday, March 3 on the Discovery Channel.

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