‘Alaskan Bush People’: Ami Brown Bride at 15 – Now 38-Years Later Billy Still Rules Roost?

Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown was a child bride when she married Billy Brown and almost four decades later he still seems in charge. It looks like Billy makes the decisions when it comes to Ami and all seven of their kids as well. But unlike Ami, their offspring started to push back.

Ami Brown has always been about family and there’s nothing more important to her in life than her children. She desperately wants her oldest son Matt Brown to return to the family after his latest request to join the Alaskan Bush People for filming.

But Billy Brown refused Matt’s recent request to become part of the show once again. It looks like this Alaskan Bush People marriage is an old-fashioned one. It seems to come from an era where the man of the family has the last say in matters. For that reason, it sounds as if Billy’s decision on Matt returning is all his and right now – final.

Alaskan Bush People: Ami Brown in Old Fashioned Marriage

Ami Brown has never publicly voiced a complaint about her marriage, it seems the opposite is true. She is very happy with her husband and seemingly more so as the years roll by. Most of all she’s proud of the seven children they have together. Fans of Alaskan Bush People describe Ami Brown as a kind and gentle person, who puts her family members first before anything else.

She also seems fine with her husband making the decisions when it comes to the family. This Alaskan Bush People couple appear to be the epitome of a true love story that spans through many years. Billy Brown and Ami Brown not only look like a an older married couple still very much smitten with each other but they seem to be best friends as well.

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Matt Brown’s father booted him off the show after Matt’s long struggle with addiction. It seems the Alaskan Bush People patriarch practiced a little tough love. While Matt did go to rehab, reports indicate Billy wanted to direct Matt’s treatment after rehab and Matt refused his father’s instructions. Matt pushed back by leaving the family and moving on by himself.

Below is a look back at a younger Ami Brown and then Ami as she appears today. The kindness in her eyes still shines through.

Alaskan Bush People: Ami Brown


Patriarch Billy Brown Drives the Bus – Says No to Matt Brown

Billy wanted Matt to work with a sober life-coach around the clock once out of the treatment facility. But that was a no-go from Matt.

Since Matt’s last stay in rehab, he’s done well. Reports have him staying sober. But Matt is apparently unemployed and broke. So coming back to Alaskan Bush People not only reunites him with the family but allows him employment via filming as well.

While Ami Brown would love nothing better than to welcome Matt back and have him film with the rest of the family, Billy plants his feet.

According to a new report, Billy considers him a “liability” after all they went through with Matt when he wasn’t sober.

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Alaskan Bush People: Offspring Pushes Back

A few of the other Brown sons have pushed back when it comes to the Alaskan Bush People patriarch. Joshua ‘Bam-Bam’ Brown moved away after he reportedly didn’t like the way his parents treated his girlfriend Alison Kagan. Although Bam is back for the new season, according to reports it’s only because he’s fulfilling his contract.

Noah Brown and wife Rhain Alisha left the family compound with their new baby in tow, Elijah Connor Brown. Reports indicate their departure resulted from too much drama in the family. But they’re also on the new season.

Gabe Brown and his wife Raquell Rose appear on the new Alaskan Bush People season as well. But earlier this year they too moved off the family compound. Some reports put a rift with Billy Brown at the foundation of that move.

Ami a Child Bride at 15

Matt Brown, who is the oldest of the Brown kids, was the first to push back and now at 36, he wants to return. Ami Brown would love nothing better but Billy Brown won’t budge. Veteran viewers of Alaskan Bush People have witnessed the dynamics of this family through the years. Billy seems to have the final say in all family decisions.

Ami married Billy Brown when she was just 15-years-old. Billy was 26 at the time, 11 years her senior. She gave birth to their first son Matt just as she turned 18, according to reports.

Now almost four decades later all Ami can do is express her wish to have Matt join the family again. But, there’s always a chance Billy will change his mind, especially where Ami is concerned. While he takes a hard stand as the leader of the Alaskan Bush People clan, the man is very much in love with Ami.

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Her happiness is also important to him. So just maybe Matt will make an appearance in the new season if the leader of the wolf pack changes his mind. Recent Matt Brown sightings in Washington State seem to offer up some hope.

The Alaskan Bush People new season starts Sunday, August 4, on the Discovery Channel. Tune in to Season 10 in the show’s original time slot of 9 pm.

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