‘Alaskan Bush People’: Snowbird Brown and Her Cats Do Amazing Feats in New Season

Alaskan Bush People star Snowbird Brown filled her mountain top birdhouse home with about 20 cats as the new season rolled out last week. But it’s what she gets her pack of cats to do that drops a few jaws.

Seven siblings make up the wolf pack on Alaskan Bush People. This family consists of Billy Brown and Ami Brown, along with their five sons and two daughters. Snowbird Brown, 25, is the family’s first-born daughter and she’s second from the youngest. Then there’s Rain Brown, 17, who is the baby of the family.

Alaskan Bush People Update: Snowbird Brown Collects Cats

The two daughters, Rain and Snowbird Brown, from Alaskan Bush People grew into young women in front of the Discovery Channel cameras. Now the girls can join their older brothers working to make Papa Billy Brown’s dream come true.

Like their older Alaskan Bush People brothers, the girls both have their own plot of land on the mountain.  Snowbird Brown built herself a birdhouse home. Instead of birds, she’s filled it with about 20 cats.

Her siblings seem to be in awe of how Snowbird trains her cats. Bear Brown said on camera last week that his sister has one cat she takes hunting with her.

It seems the cat scopes out the prey. The noises it makes and the direction it looks seems to alert Snowbird to the prey nearby.

But when not picking up the scent of the hunt, the feline rides on Snowbird Brown’s shoulder. The cat doesn’t run away exploring the great outdoors. No, it sticks close to this sister from Alaskan Bush People.

Rain Brown also offered up a testimonial to her sister’s love for cats. She said for as long as she can remember her sister had a deep-rooted connection with felines. The Discovery Channel camera shows Snowbird talking to her furry friends as if they were her family members.

Alaskan Bush People: Snowbird Brown

Runs in the Brown Family

Ami Brown, the mom of this wolf pack, makes sure nothing goes to waste. She used the hair their dog shed to make bracelets when the kids were growing up.

The Alaskan Bush People camera panned around the inside of Snowbird’s tree-house last week. While it’s still just a shell with plywood for walls, she had piles of cat hair on the floor.

Each pile contained a different color cat hair, all from the many cats she owns. Snowbird Brown sewed that hair into a pillow and once she brushed out the pillow, the cat hair did make one plush design.

Snowbird works on her Alaskan Bush People cat pillow in the photo above. It looks like the cat who donated that fur sits under the table watching Snowbird’s handiwork.

Alaskan Bush People: Snowbird Is An Animal Lover

Unless an animal is used as a food source, Snowbird Brown will never harm a hair on its head. She’s gentle and kind with the farm animals. The same goes as for the creatures who live in the forest surrounding the Brown family’s mountain. But there is one exception.

When Snowbird Brown straps on that rifle ready to hunt prey she turns into someone different. It’s hard for some fans to see her as both a young woman who loves animals after watching her hunt down dinner.

But when it comes to cats, Snowbird fills her Alaskan Bush People home with her furry friends. Even her siblings express amazement over how these felines respond to her.

As Bear Brown said, his sister can get her cats to do some amazing things. In one scene last week, when Snowbird Brown talks to the cats crawling around her tree-house, the camera zones in on one kitten. This tiny cat actually stops in its tracks to listen to what Snowbird is saying.

The Discovery Channel switched this wilderness reality show from Sunday nights to Wednesday nights. The show rolled out a new season of  Alaskan Bush People last week. New episodes air on Wednesday nights at 8 pm EST.

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