‘Alaskan Bush People’: Snowbird Brown Castrates Billy Goat – DIY With No Vet Involved

Alaskan Bush People star Snowbird Brown learned a new skill on Sunday night’s show resulting in a goat losing some excess baggage. The billy goat, which she named “Bambi” shouldn’t have testicles anyway, according to this  Alaskan Bush People daughter. That’s because for the longest time, they thought this goat was a female.

Alaskan Bush People: Snowbird Brown and Her Pet Billy Goat

Once Billy Brown found out a billy goat was among Snowbird Brown’s pack of baby farm animals, he blew a gasket. Apparently billy goats come with quite the reputation for being dirty little fellows. For one thing, they tend to urinate on themselves. The Alaskan Bush People patriarch didn’t want that goat anywhere near their new mountain home.

For someone who is pretty laid back about everything that involves Mother Nature, it looked as if Papa Brown took an odd stand against that poor goat with daughter Bird Brown. But once he started up the discussion with Snowbird Brown, the Alaskan Bush People fans got to hear the low-down on these type of goats.

Alaskan Bush People: Snowbird Brown

Billy Goats Disgusting Urine-Spraying Habits

Yes, Billy Brown told Snowbird the goat had to go because of their disgusting habits. These goats smell strong because they spray urine on their own beards, in their mouth, on their face, not to mention all over their front legs and chest. The smell is said to be unbearable, according to the experts.

Snowbird thinks of Bambi as one of her many pets. It would break Bird Brown’s heart for the goat to go. Fans already witnessed how Bird behaved when one of her pet chickens were eyed for dinner on last week’s Alaskan Bush People episode.

Instead, the oldest of the Alaskan Bush People daughters took out her rifle and hunted for dinner. While she doesn’t like killing animals, she will when they’re needed for food. But that doesn’t go for the animals she raised as pets.

Instead of going to the nearest supermarket and grabbing a few plucked frozen chickens or turkeys, she went on a hunt. With the help of brother Bear Brown, they bagged a several pheasants for their family dinner. Next on her list – saving the only billy goat in the bunch.

Alaskan Bush People: Gabe Brown - Snowbird Brown

Alaskan Bush People – Neuter that Goat Snowbird Brown

In today’s society, people bring their pets to the veterinarian when they want them spayed or neutered. It’s as simple as picking up the phone and making an appointment. But in the Alaskan Bush People world, they like to do things themselves.

So when it’s time to neuter that billy goat, Snowbird Brown takes the task on herself. She prepared to use the procedure called banding. Apparently, her dad, Billy Brown, explained the steps involved in banding the goat to Snowbird beforehand.

With the help of Gabe Brown, who was great for one-liners about the goat’s manhood and family jewels, they embarked on a do-it-yourself project. For the DYI on a live farm animal, Snowbird used purchased tools and not one of her brother Noah’s inventions.

Snowbird Brown gave step-by-step instructions to the TLC cameras. Bird said that once you maneuver the tool in place, it snaps an elastic band around the base of the goat’s testicles. The first tool they attempted to use was too small. This was Gabe’s opportunity to describe the goat’s undercarriage as “well-endowed.”

So the Alaskan Bush People billy goat got a stay of testicle execution for a few days. That is until they could tools in a larger size. Next, Snowbird and her brother used the size needed to castrate a bull.

Dies and Fulls Off – So Watch Where You Step?

As the Alaskan Bush People viewers got to see this week, the new bull-size tool worked. With Gabe holding the goat in one place and Snowbird fiddling around with the goat’s testicles to get them to fit the new tool, they succeeded.

The end goal was to tie off the testicles with a band. This cuts off the blood supply to the goat’s testicles and the boys literally die and fall off. Or as Snowbird Brown put it, rot and fall off.

So besides being careful where they step in the days following Snowbird’s handi-work, they should have a less aggressive goat on their hands. The spraying of urine should come to a halt, as well. Or at least this is what Snowbird Brown and Gabe hope after all that pulling and prodding of the goat’s underside.

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