‘Alaskan Bush People’: Billy and Ami Brown Cheerleaders for Abnormal Behavior on Season Premiere

Alaskan Bush People rolls out a new season with bizarre behavior running rampant among Billy Brown, Ami Brown and their offspring. The goal of the season is to get the mountainside compound ready before winter sets in. This includes getting water to all sections of Billy Brown’s ranch and erecting a dwelling for each offspring.

It is summer when the new season begins and Billy Brown offers up his dream. So the dream begins with each of the Alaskan Bush People siblings building their own homes on this mountainside property. They’re just months away from the cold weather so they get busy. But it looks like their priorities might be a bit out of sync for the timeline set by Billy.

Alaskan Bush People: One Step Ahead and Two Steps Back for Billy Brown Wolf Pack

The season opens and it seems the Alaskan Bush People fans start to realize that Billy Brown is in a hurry. But strange things happen. First of all, there’s enough Billy Brown DNA gathered on the mountainside. If they chipped in, things might get done. But when that finally happens it gets really dangerous.

One of the first clues that priorities for the Alaskan Bush People are a bit off starts with Billy’s son, Noah Brown. He’s got a whole house to build but first, he’s going to a junkyard to find objects so he can construct a cement mixer. The cement is needed for the foundation of a windmill that will pump water throughout the mountainside ranch.

By the time Noah finds what he needs, puts the contraption together, and gets his first smidgeon of cement out Josh “Bam” Brown says he could do it by hand. The foundation isn’t that big but Noah is adamant a mixer is needed. Joshua “Bam” Brown thinks his brother is wasting time so he mixes the cement with a shovel.

Alaskan Bush People: Rain Brown - Gabe Brown

Alaskan Bush People: Snowbird’s House is Awful Hairy

Why Noah doesn’t borrow or rent a cement mixer is not known. But it looks like building his new toy slows down progress. Next is Snowbird Brown. While her house is up, it’s still just a shell. Snowbird constructed a human-size birdhouse and calls this perch in the trees her home.

She probably should be fixing it up or helping her siblings without their own homes yet. No, viewers find Snowbird Brown gathering cat hair. Alaskan Bush People find out that the second to the oldest daughter collected about 20 cats, all who live with her.

The only thing neat inside Snowbird’s house is the color-coded piles of cat hair. And these piles aren’t small. While the race is on to construct the Alaskan Bush People village, this daughter sits on a messy floor with cats crawling around her as she sews a pillow.

To top it off, it’s the cat hair from those piles she uses to make the pillows. Fans were probably happy to witness the completion of that project. Along with learning her new pillow was cozy by Bird’s standards.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Ready for Acrobats In Bed

A quick shot of Bear Brown’s double-wide shipping container home finds him building what he calls a “gym in bed”. He has a two-by-four roped to the walls and ceiling of the bedroom container. He pulls himself up to sit on it, swings and does some other strange things. But that’s not all Bear does. He also gets to showcase his risky behavior on a windmill.

Risky behavior pops up right and left in the Alaskan Bush People season premiere. Even Ami Brown, who usually acts like a mama bear, throws caution to the wind.

Billy Brown Buys Windmill

The Alaskan Bush People‘s Billy Brown buys a windmill in hopes it will pump water through their mountainside compound. But, Billy’s children will have to disassemble the beast on the property where it stands. Bear Brown climbs the metal windmill without any safety devices such as a harness or rope. When he gets to the top Ami doesn’t cringe a bit.

While audience members undoubtedly recognize this risk, Ami doesn’t offer up so much as one word of caution. She starts clapping when he reaches the top. Then she asks him to let out a howl. Apparently Billy Brown makes a deal for this windmill. In the next shot, the Alaskan Bush People brothers and sisters return to take it down and bring it home.

Of course, they do this as a thunderstorm brews on the horizon. Billy’s son, Bear Brown, doesn’t seem to heed the claps of thunder in the distance despite being thirty feet in the air on metal poles.

But suddenly Billy Brown shows up with a borrowed cherry picker. After Gabe Brown and Bear Brown jump in the basket, Billy Brown is at the controls. After he almost tips them over for the first time he tells the camera he’s never operated one of these before.

Bear Loses Part of His Finger

Once they disassemble the top of the windmill via the cherry picker, they need to get the heavy metal beams down on the ground. After a near-miss for Snowbird, the metal beams come down. But not without taking off a piece of Bear’s finger. The windmill is down and ready for it’s new Alaskan Bush People mountain home.

It seems Noah’s cement mixer came in handy after all. Finally, Bam admits this as they pour the foundation for the windmill. While the Discovery Channel promo claims the Brown Family needs to get their homes ready in time for winter, it seems everyone gets sidetracked. A lot of time is wasted but that’s probably what makes the Alaskan Bush People entertaining.

Next Wednesday tune in to the Discovery Channel and watch the Brown clan fight wild bears infiltrating their homes. It looks like Rain Brown screams as an accident brews on another cherry picker the family rolled onto the ranch.

The Alaskan Bush People airs Wednesday night on the Discovery Channel.

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