‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Upbringing Doesn’t Work Well in Suburbs?

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown proves you can take the boy out of the bush but you can’t take the bush out of the boy. His recent posts seem to show some residual effects of his childhood.

Matt Brown and his six siblings from Alaskan Bush People seem to act child-like at times. The Brown offspring, including Matt Brown, demonstrates this both during the show’s episodes and on social media sites.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown In Suburbia

While Matt Brown and his family didn’t always live off-grid in the wilderness, they did spend a good deal of time there. Today Matt’s online posts indicate he’s living in suburbia in what looks like an upper-class neighborhood from the views out his window.

The eldest of the Alaskan Bush People kids shows off his skill of juggling in videos. But it’s the window behind Matt Brown that indicates his home is high up overlooking the area.

So it seems Matt landed in a good spot despite once living in an Alaskan Bush People lean-to in the wilderness. Even though Matt might sit in the lap of luxury today, it seems he’s still not mastered the use of kitchen utensils or honed in on table etiquette.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown

Where’s The Meat?

In a recent video, Matt Brown looks like the head of the family getting ready to carve a turkey. This is at his home, where he reportedly lives with his girlfriend. Matt holds the big knife but he’s missing the second utensil usually used for the carving procedure.

Instead of using a big fork to help in the carving of this turkey, Matt Brown uses his fingers. He first cuts a small piece of turkey and takes it off the bird with his fingers. He then pops it in his mouth and signals to the camera it’s delicious by making noises. The same noises Matt Brown and his siblings made on Alaskan Bush People when enjoying their food.

Now it looks as if Matt is ready to carve up the turkey for whoever else joins him with this feast. But still no fork. The oldest son of the Alaskan Bush People family carves the turkey and pulls the piece of meat off with his fingers.

That’s probably not what hungry guests want to see. While his people aren’t seen in the clip, the bird is big enough to feed a crowd. But it’s not very appetizing to see their host pulling the meat off the bird with his fingers.

Then Matt chomping on a piece standing over the bird. If this Alaskan Bush People host plans to dish this turkey out to his dinner guests there’s probably some raised eyebrows around the table.

Anyone who watched the series knows the family roughed it in the wild. A place where eating utensils weren’t always available. Pulling meat apart with their fingers as it came off the fire seemed commonplace within the adult kids in the Brown tribe.

Alaskan Bush People: Is Matt Brown In New Season?

But now that Matt Brown is settled in a home and about to have dinner, some of that old Alaskan Bush People habits surface.

The upbringing for the siblings on Alaskan Bush People doesn’t stop with the lack of table etiquette. As fans suggest, these grown Brown kids still act child-like at times. Matt Brown’s latest posts seem to suggest this. He appears memorized by tiny trinkets that he posts for his followers.

Matt also shares a lot of his own creations in drawings. While fans praise his abilities, some suggest the drawings do look a bit like a child did them. But they say – art is in the eye of the beholder.

So Is Matt Brown coming back to the show? While it doesn’t look as if he got a full-time gig from the Discovery Channel for this new season, it does sound as if he appears in a few episodes. But only time will tell if Matt Brown shows up on Billy Brown’s mountain this season.

 Alaskan Bush People rolls out on Wednesday nights on Discovery.

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