‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown New Video Hints to Lifestyle In Window View

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown is the mysterious son not mentioned or seen for a while on the Discovery Channel reality show. While he is gone from the family photo in the show’s opening credits, he’s not forgotten by the tons of fans who miss his presence in the wilderness setting.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown Offers a Reflection of His New World

Reports put Matt signing on for the next Alaskan Bush People season. This was the result of Matt’s visit to Papa Billy Brown not too long ago. Apparently he came to the mountain and extended an olive branch. So it sounds like he successfully put himself back within the thick of things among his wilderness family.

But it looks as if Matt Brown isn’t waiting around for Alaskan Bush People fame to kick back in. He’s created some DIY videos which some might find pretty interesting. Along with Matt Brown demonstrating his juggling techniques, there so much more to see.

It looks like Matt lives in some luxurious digs, not the off-grid type of home Alaskan Bush People enthusiasts might expect. While you don’t see much of the house in the video, the clue comes from what you see in the view from out the window. It appears Matt’s place is high over a city and the view is breathtaking.

Alaskan Bush People : Matt Brown


Oldest Son Does Alright for Himself

It appears Matt filmed at night as the lights of the city flicker in the background. But what this also gives you is a view of the inside of his house coming off the reflection of the window he’s standing in front of.

If you watch closely you can see some of the home’s interior reflected off that window. So it looks like this Alaskan Bush People son did alright for himself.

What might be even more interesting is the glimpse you get now and then of the person taking this video. It’s only a reflection but it appears that a woman is taking this clip. Might this be the elusive girlfriend of the eldest son of the Alaskan Bush People clan?

Alaskan Bush People: Oldest Son Gets ‘Night Court’ Inspiration

Getting back to the meat of the video itself, it seems Matt Brown is a juggling enthusiast. This isn’t the first juggling video he made of himself. A few years back he made the same type of video from Browntown. A screenshot of that video appears above in the article. That’s their original  Alaskan Bush People community.

Matt Brown credits the court bailiff from the show Night Court for his love of juggling. He tells the fans all about it in this video. He even offers a special thanks to Harry Anderson at the end of his demonstration.

While you might not think that watching Matt Brown juggling could offer any entertainment value and you may be right. But this video is informative and it does seem to explain the skills of juggling. So it looks like the oldest child from the Brown brood makes a pretty good instructor on the art of juggling.

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