‘Alaskan Bush People’: Matt Brown Lands Spin-off Show? – Online Chatter Spins

Alaskan Bush People viewers wait and watch for any sign of Matt Brown, as not even a mention of his name emerged during Season 10 which just finished airing. Fans who follow the Brown family on social media know about Matt’s battle with addiction.

Matt’s behavior while using drugs triggered Papa Brown to boot him from ABP. Even now, Matt’s parents and siblings don’t mention him on the Discovery Channel reality show.

Plus, his image no longer appears in the family portrait that pops up with the beginning credits of each episode. So, to many viewers, it looks like the oldest wilderness child just disappeared.

Alaskan Bush People: Matt Brown Breaks Away for Show of His Own?

New reports indicate Matt made peace with his father last month and signed a contract to return to the family program. But recent chatter surfaced online describing something different for Matt Brown. While it sounds as if he might be headed back with the Alaskan Bush People, other talk suggests he might also do a show of his own.

It sounds like a spinoff is in Matt’s future if the online comments hold any truth. So far, nothing more than rumors surfaced online. So, does this news hold any water? Fans were quick to chime in with their thoughts on a potential Matt Brown spinoff. While many Alaskan Bush People followers welcome a Matt Brown program, others don’t dig it. You can see by the array of comments below that fans are polarized.

Sister Wives: Robert Garrison Brown - Kylie Marshall


Oldest Wild Child – What Fans Want to See

Matt Brown became a fan favorite early on when Alaskan Bush People rolled out its first few seasons. Sure, his good looks and impish expressions offered charisma. But he seemed a bit more level-headed than others in the family. Fans might not have known Matt battled with addiction as they watched the show. But he did offer tell-tale signs with his behavior now and then.

Reports indicate that Matt needs to make a paycheck once again and he’s in a good place, ready to go back to work. So, if Matt goes rogue with a solo gig, what can fans expect? Several comments suggest luring fans in by pairing up Matt with his junk-collector friend. The two make an interesting duo for sure. While reports put Matt in California living with his girlfriend, she remains somewhat a mystery woman.

Alternately, the oldest child of Billy Brown and Ami Brown could start a new version of Browntown in Hoonah. That is if his love interest decides to come along. Some Alaskan residents from the area where the Alaskan Bush People filmed chimed in. They don’t sound too keen on having any Brown family members return.

Alaskan Bush People: Spin-Off or Just Cyber Wind?

Last week, reports indicated that Matt Brown signed on for a full-time gig to return to Alaskan Bush People. But he obviously didn’t make it into Season 10 which ended Sunday, September 8. Season 11 is the next new season for the Brown clan. Reports indicate that’s when Matt makes his return. But, that still doesn’t mean he can’t jump over to a spin-off show as well.

So, will Matt show up on the next season of his family’s show as a segue into a new spin-off show all his own? Right now, the spin-off show to Alaskan Bush People is just chatter blowing in the cyber wind. That means a show might or might not happen for Matt Brown. Tune in to the Discovery Channel for more exciting reality show action.

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