‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear’s Ex Raiven Claims Gun Intimidation – Show Cancellation Next?

Alaskan Bush People celeb Bear Brown faces very serious accusations today that include intimidating Raiven Adams (his ex-girlfriend) with a gun. It appears the threat may have been verbal and no physical firearm was involved. It’s also unclear from her words if it was even directed at her.

The allegations of Raiven Adams’ restraining order against Bear Brown surfaced this week. This seemed to split the Alaskan Bush People fans into two different camps and now the online battle begins.

As far as some of Bear Brown’s fans are concerned, this Alaskan Bush People son can sure pick them. It seems some viewers just don’t believe Raiven Adams’s accusations and put this all back on her. Other fans of the show are appalled at Bear Brown, even though they haven’t heard his side of the story yet.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Painted as Dangerous

Bear Brown’s restraining order made headlines last week but the details remained a mystery. Now that the alleged specifics surface, it appears the accusations in this legal document paint the Alaskan Bush People star as dangerous.

Raiven describes an unstable man, one who demonstrates very dangerous behaviors. In August, Raiven states that she moved to Loomis, Washington. There she moved in with the Alaskan Bush People son. He, along with the rest of the family, relocated to that town while Billy Brown underwent healthcare.

Raiven Adams claims this is when she noticed Bear Brown’s “erratic behavior”. She writes on the restraining order complaint that she witnessed Bear Brown “yelling” and “slamming things”. But she also claims that it escalated into much worse behavior.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - restraining order

It sounds as if Raiven painted a picture of feeling trapped with the Alaskan Bush People star. She claims Bear Brown “prevented her from leaving rooms.  Her claims include Bear making threats and becoming possessive.

She also said when she tried to talk to him about this, he allegedly blamed it on cocaine abuse. This is the only allegation that Bear Brown addressed so far. His recent post declares “I don’t do drugs”.



Raiven Adams Claims Gun Intimidation – Grounds for Show Cancellation?

Not only has Bear’s failed relationship with Raiven Adams resurfaced via a restraining order but other accusations. Raiven claims Bear intimidated her with a gun. She checked the box on the restraining order that asked “Was a weapon involved?”. She responded by saying Bear Brown has said to her “gun laws don’t apply to [me]”, but it appears no gun was actually involved..

Raiven Adams also said that Bear threatened to kick her out where according to her she would be on her own for food and money.

So it looks like this Alaskan Bush People offspring has a court battle looming when she takes him back into court on February 27. On that day in an Alaskan court, the mother-to-be will ask for a long-term restraining order. At the beginning of February, she was granted a temporary one on her Alaskan Bush People ex.

Some of Bear Brown’s followers believe Raiven will bring down the Alaskan Bush People empire. Still, others demand the show be taken off the air because of his girlfriend’s unconfirmed accusations.

Bear Brown’s father, Billy Brown, built this Alaskan Bush People brand for his family over the last decade. But after the details of the allegation from Raiven’s restraining order surfaced some fans call for the cancellation of the Discovery Channel show.

Alaskan Bush People: Hidden Agenda?

It looks like this now turns into ‘he said – she said’ mess for the Alaskan Bush People family. Some fans suggest that Raiven had more on her mind than protection when filing a restraining order.

At one point Raiven claimed Bear threatened to kick her out and he also withheld money and food from her. Some fans wonder why she didn’t just leave, especially since she suggests Bear opened that door to her?

Almost immediately after Bear Brown introduced Raiven as the love of his life, conspiracy theories popped up. Many people believed Raiven was using Bear for fame and money. Then when she announced she was having his baby, those theories grew.

Now today those naysayers see this restraining order as part of Raiven’s plan to slip into a single parent mode. Some fans think she will get large child support payments from the reality show star.

Fans are divided wondering if this a calculated plan or is Raiven a victim? Viewers can debate online all they want, but may want to wait until they see what evidence does (or does not) come up in the courts.

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