‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Turns into Extreme Flasher – New Photos Send Chills

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown shows that extreme side of him again in one of the first posts since the last season ended. The Discovery Channel series season wrapped up last week on a sad note for Bear’s dad, Billy Brown.

While the future outlook for Billy looks dismal, it ended with a positive prospect for Bear Brown. But that didn’t last, as Alaskan Bush People followers know today.

It looks as if Bear Brown slipped into a darker mode since his split from Raiven Adams. His online mood seemed to take on darkness now that he’s alone again. But his latest post suggests he’s pushing his own extreme limits while standing out in the freezing cold.

Alaskan Bush People: Too Extreme for Bear Brown?

Things in Bear Brown’s world might look a bit bleak today. His Alaskan Bush People dad passed along a grim health prognosis. Bear’s heart works at a diminished capacity and this is not something he’ll recover from.

Mom Ami Brown told her family that their dad will not get better. So Bear Brown’s conquest of engagement this season was overshadowed by his dad’s sad news.

The short-lived scenes of Bear and Raiven Adam’s whirlwind love affair ended in real-time before the season played out. Once the Alaskan Bush People cameras shut down for the season, so did Bear Brown’s romance. But that’s not the end to the Bear Brown and Raiven Adams relationship now that a baby is on the way.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown


Makes Extreme Renovations

It seems Bear made a few extreme renovations to accommodate his new lady love on the show. But now it looks like he extended his Alaskan Bush People shipping container home into a double-wide dwelling for nothing.

While one container is ample room for a single guy on a mountain top, he doubled up. But that’s all Bear has left today. He owns a cold steel shell of a home with no one to share it with.

Of course, he still has remnants of a once strategically planned love nest, like a swinging bed. His mountain top perch must remind him of what he’s lost.

Even the roof of his shipping container probably harbors memories of sharing jalapenos with Raiven. But getting over a breakup looks different in this wilderness man’s world.

Bear is known for taking things to the extreme, so much so that “extreme” is his motto. So while others nurse the wounds of a breakup with Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Bear takes it further and to the extreme.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Now Into Extreme Dark Moods?

Bear Brown’s social media sites seem to indicate the Alaskan Bush People celeb’s moods. When he was flying high with Raiven by his side, there wasn’t a post without Bear smiling.

He gushed about his angel from heaven. Then from what viewers witnessed on the show’s episodes, this guy fell hard for this woman. It seems things got dark for him after he announced his split from Raiven.

Suddenly Bear Brown stood in the shadows when he took selfies that he posted. He even donned dark faces with grotesque makeup at times.

Bear’s latest post seems to indicate he headed to the extreme once again. This time it’s physically. His tattoo on his back spells out “Extreme”. While Bear shared this tattoo before, this time he’s doing it in the extreme cold.

In Bear Brown’s latest Alaskan Bush People post, he takes off his shirt in the frigid weather showing off his tat. While this guy likes the extreme, it’s almost as if he’s punishing himself by standing in freezing weather without a shirt.

Is this a test of endurance or maybe a bit of penance for whatever his part was in this split? It does take two to tango. Maybe the father-to-be still has a tough time with his breakup? Either way, his latest photos above are enough to send his followers the shivers.

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