‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown ‘Going Steady’ – First Clue of Disaster

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown offered up endearing scenes in the last episode but some fans don’t see these clips as the real deal. At 32, Bear Brown is a grown man. But he romanced Raiven Adams with words you might expect to hear back in the halls of a high school several decades ago.

Yes, Bear Brown took on an old-fashion mode when attempting to reel in Raiven as his new Alaskan Bush People partner. But it looks like it was too antiquated to be real for some viewers of this Discovery Channel series.

Alaskan Bush People: Just One of Many for Bear Brown?

Bear Brown started his adventure with Raiven by picking cherries. For some reason, he used this as a transition activity before introducing her to his Alaskan Bush People family.

It seems Bear Brown felt the Alaskan Bush People clan might overwhelm his new girlfriend. He says he speaks from experience. Then he shares how this experience especially concerns his two sisters who seemed to overwhelm past girlfriends.

Alaskan Bush People viewers were surprised to hear about Bear’s lengthy dating history. Some refused to believe it.  But his sister Rain spilled the beans on the “many” girlfriends in Bear Brown’s past.

Bear Brown also talked about his past dates for the Alaskan Bush People cameras. He talked about the interference he endured from his sisters. He once caught them spying on him with binoculars while he was on a date in the woods.

On Alaskan Bush People, instead of Bear Brown exposing his new gal to his sisters’ childish pranks, he decided to climb a tree and shake it. He positioned Raiven underneath with a bucket to catch the free-flying cherries coming her way. She filled the bucket but at times fans thought she didn’t look amused.

Raiven Brown Is Off Mountain for the Night

After a day of Bear jumping and rolling around the Alaskan Bush People ranch, Raiven got a taste of life on the mountain. She was exposed to “goat yoga” where she sat on a mat in the middle of the goat pen with Bear. It looks like Rain Brown conjured up this exercise to spark some romance for her big brother.

In a scene that resembled the game “Twister” Bear and Raiven positioned themselves in various ways on that mat. This was all under the direction of Rain Brown, who called out these positions during her goat pen yoga. Raiven confided in Bear how she thought Rain made a lot of this up as she went along.

Raiven took the sights, sounds and the aroma of it all with minimal facial grimaces. But if this didn’t scare her away what eventually sent her packing?

Then Bear’s new girlfriend took an impromptu class of carpentry from Snowbird Brown. This was somewhat of a test given by the oldest daughter from the Alaskan Bush People. Bird wanted to see if Raiven has what it takes to get in there and work without fear of getting dirty.

When the day ended, Raiven went down the mountain for the night, according to the narrator of Sunday night’s episode. That ended their first day together but the best was yet to come.

Bear Brown stayed behind with brother Gabe Brown who attempts to teach him to dance seductively. He suggested he do the moves for his new girlfriend. It’s not known if Bear Brown attempted this on Raiven or not, but fans agree it looked like a romance killer more than anything else.

Alaskan Bush People: Beginning of the End?

Raiven hung in there long enough for Bear Brown to pop his rather odd question. Bear asked Raiven to “go steady” and he placed a ring on her finger when she agreed to do so. It was a ring that had meaning to the Alaskan Bush People wolf pack, Bear explained. But between the asking and accepting, Raiven looked a bit befuddled over Bear’s request.

“Going steady” is a rather old-fashion term first coined back many moons ago. It became popular in the 1950s. But usually, people reserve the term for teens just starting with their boy-girl relationships. But after Bear asked Raiven, he laid it all out for her. The Alaskan Bush People’s son probably saw the perplexed look on Raiven’s face. So, he spoke up to reassure her this wasn’t a marriage proposal.

Fans of the show already know the outcome of Bear Brown and Raiven Adams’s relationship. In between a split and a reboot in their relationship, a pregnancy announcement emerged. Then the union ended for a second time. So, while the two of them plan to remain friends and co-parent their baby due in the spring, they’ve gone their separate ways.

Fans didn’t see Raiven as too invested in this relationship from the beginning. It seems her debut on the show offered evidence of this for the viewers. But fans also commented on Bear’s “extreme” behavior as well, possibly giving her reason for eventually jumping ship. Still, others thought Raiven saw this as a ticket to fame prompting her to ride that train as far as she could.

New episodes of Alaskan Bush People air on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday nights at 8 pm EST.

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