‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Slammed By Worried Fans – Dark Post Promotes Copycats?

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown went a bit too far for some of his fans recently in a video that looks more dangerous than entertaining. Without saying a word Bear steps into a wooded area, points his gun, and shoots straight ahead of him.

The video appeared too much on the dark side for a good deal of his Alaskan Bush People followers. They commented that guns are not to play with. Another commenter said this was a rather thoughtless post. Other fans worried about how this looks to someone who may be vulnerable right now.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Frightens Fans With Dark-Looking Scene on Video

One Alaskan Bush People follower commented that this could spawn copy cats. Another saw Bear Brown make a dangerous mistake. The person wrote, “You didn’t make sure to clear your chamber after clearing your mag… could have shot your tallywacker off”. Then this person also suggested that Bear needs a safety course.

The post didn’t have a sporting look to it. It also appeared as if this man-child from Alaskan Bush People didn’t have a target. It looks as if he just shot his bullets into oblivion. One fan pointed out he’s not even target shooting, he’s just popping those bullets off in a rapid-fire fashion.

Bear Brown posts that he likes to shoot at night. Possibly that’s due to the flash that comes out of the barrel. The spark is very bright when it’s dark. But the video is a stinging reminder to a few fans that copycats out there might see this as cool. A screenshot of the video appears below.

Fans Warn Bear He’s Treading on Dangerous Ground for Copycats

According to a concerned Alaskan Bush People viewer, this post isn’t very responsible of the 31-year-old. They worried that this video might give any impressionable fans some copycat ideas.

But another fan chimed in to tell the fans who seem up in arms to chill. Bear Brown is far away from doing anyone harm as he’s way out in the woods suggests this Alaskan Bush People fan.

While the video casts a dark and unsafe feeling, it seems to echo a recent claim made about Bear Brown. Apparently, Raiven Adams’ mom recently made a claim that Bear Brown is unstable.

Kassy Michelle, Raiven’s mom, said that Bear’s instability is the reason her daughter broke off their engagement.  Although, now that their back together, the latest reports indicate when the baby is born, the child will be seen on Alaskan Bush People.

Sister Wives: Report Puts Bear Unstable

Kassy said that her daughter found out a little too late because at the time they split she was pregnant. She said her daughter got down off that mountain after realizing just how unstable he really was.

But as the people who keep up with the Alaskan Bush People already know – they’re back together. Although this sparks a debate online today. Fans want to know  if they’re back together because they’re in love or if it has something to do with the Discovery Channel contract for the show? Bear Brown seems all alone in his recently posted photos.

The very few pictures he has posted on his Instagram account of Raiven come from a few months back. The pictures he recently posted again went up on social media right after Bear introduced Raiven to the Alaskan Bush People enthusiasts. But then when they announced the split, the photos came down.

The majority of the pics still remain gone. It looks like just a few show up today. Quite possibly they’re used as evidence to back up the news that the two reunited. But Bear doesn’t gush about Raiven today like he did when she first arrived on the Alaskan Bush People scene.

His posts look rather sullen, dark, and void of that perpetual smile he had plastered on his face when he and Raiven first came out as a couple. Despite reports putting them back together, Bear looks rather lonely.

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