‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown & Raiven Back Together – Family Not Cheering?

Alaskan Bush People‘s Bear Brown confirmed he and Raiven Adams reunited as a couple and will parent their son River together. Given their two dramatic past splits, can Bear make it work with Raiven this time – for the sake of the baby? And what does the Wolf Pack think of this?

Alaskan Bush People: Wedding Walk Out Left Bear Brown Alone This Season

Keeping up with the Wolf Pack on the Discovery Channel show, you’ll recall that Bear Brown and family happily made wedding preparations as the new season kicked off last month. Then, Raiven Adams and Bear called it quits just hours before they were to marry. Then, the groom fled.

Aside from the show Alaskan Bush People, their real-life drama spiraled out of control. Raiven made severe allegations against Bear Brown and sought a restraining order. She left Washington and fled to Alaska. Initially, Raiven Adams filed for a TRO (temporary order) against Bear.

But, it seems there was never a permanent order set against the Alaskan Bush People‘s youngest son, Bear Brown. On the reality show, they sidestepped the Bear-Raiven split mostly. And they hastily scrapped the wedding decor, and they moved on to other drama for the Brown clan.

Alaskan Bush People: River Brown - Raiven Adams

Raiven Adams Gave Birth 6 Months Ago – Scrapped Legal Claims

A little more than six months ago, Raiven Adams went back to court and withdrew her claims against her Alaskan Bush People ex-fiance Bear Brown. She asked the court to dismiss her request for a permanent no-contact order and also dissolved the TRO. That cleared a path for them.

Then, on March 9, 2020, Raiven went into premature labor and gave birth to Bear’s son, whom she named River. Since then, the family wrapped shooting the most recent season on Alaskan Bush People but had yet to meet his infant son. Then, everything changed.

Last week, Bear Brown crowed how thrilled he was to get to hold his son River finally and called it “so so so awesome.” A day later, he said things were getting better. Then a day after that, the Alaskan Bush People’s son admitted it was also “great” to see Raiven Adams too. That’s a huge hint.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Raiven Adams

The Path to Reconciliation for Bear & Raiven – Will She Be Back on Alaskan Bush People?

It was a speedy reunion for Raiven Adams and Bear Brown. First, they met so he could hold his son as she came to Washington with River. Then, they went on a family picnic. And suddenly, two days later, both Bear and baby mama Raiven confirmed they’d reconciled.

So, will Raiven Adams be part of the next season of Alaskan Bush People? It could be – if they stick together that long. Recall, theirs was a whirlwind relationship. Bear met and proposed to Raiven within months. Then, she was suddenly pregnant. So, that didn’t leave much room to get to know each other.

So far, the only Alaskan Bush People family member sharing positive thoughts on Bear’s announcement is Bam Bam Brown. As of this writing, the other siblings haven’t offered congratulations, but Gabe did a hit a “like” on the news. Plus, many fans worry that Bear Brown’s on a path to more heartache with Raiven Adams. Only time will tell.

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