‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown’s New Girlfriend Raiven on Show – All 5 Brothers Spoken For

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown made it official on his social media post today as he introduces his new girlfriend Raiven Adams to the fans. While Bear previously posted a few photos with this young lady, today he made sure everyone knows, Raiven is with him. He also teases that the fans will get to meet her when the new season begins.

It looks like this Alaskan Bush People son is quite smitten with his new lady love. Also Bear Brown seems to join his other brothers today by having a new love interest. His other four brothers are way ahead of him in the love department. It appears Bear Brown is the last brother to take on a partner over the last few seasons. Now all five Brown boys seem to be spoken for.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Introduces Raiven Adams – New Baby On the Way for Brother

Running through the woods and howling in a pack is no longer an activity for just the Alaskan Bush People kids. They have others to consider now. Noah Brown and Gabe Brown now have wives. Bam Bam (Joshua) Brown has been dating the same woman for a few years now. Even Matt Brown has a mystery woman today. Now Bear Brown has Raiven Adams.

Noah and his wife Rhain Alisha just gave Ami Brown her first grandchild at the beginning of the year. Their son Elijah Connor Brown was born in February. Gabriel Starbuck Brown and his wife Raquell Rose announced today that they are expecting their first child in November.

Bam Bam has been dating Allison Kagan for a few years now. They met as she worked as a field producer on the Alaskan Bush People reality show from 2015 to 2018. Then there’s the very secretive Matt Brown who apparently has a mystery girlfriend.

While Matt’s girlfriend’s name is not known, recent reports put Matt living with this mystery woman in Southern California. Also, the two girls, Birdy Brown and Rainy Brown, are the two youngest in the family, which rounds out to seven kids.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown - Raiven

Discovery Channel Tweaks Timeslot and Adds Attractions

So it looks like Bear Brown joins his four brothers in coupling up after going it solo for so long. It seems as if Bear thinks he’s one lucky guy to have his new gal Raiven by his side. He shared on a recent post that viewers of Alaskan Bush People might just get to meet her this season.

Alaskan Bush People ratings took a nosedive for Season 9, which aired this spring. Apparently, the new timeslot of 10 pm had a lot to do with viewers dropping off. So the Discovery Channel put the show back to its original time – 9 pm on Sunday.

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Can we get a big AaoOOOOOoooo! 🐺 #AlaskanBushPeople returns Sunday Aug 4 at 9p on @Discovery and Discovery GO.

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Alaskan Bush People: Wedding, Baby, New Girlfriend and Ami with Grandbaby

Not only do the fans look forward to meeting Bear’s new girlfriend, but a wedding as well, when the new episodes roll out. No, Bear’s not quite there yet but the previews tease Gabe and his wife’s wedding ceremony as a feature of the new season. Discovery Channel filmed the second wedding ceremony for this couple.

Also featured on the new episodes – Ami’s first grandson, Elijah Conner. So make sure to tune in to the Discovery Channel on Sunday, August 4 at 9 pm to watch the Brown family in new Alaskan Bush People Season 10 episodes.

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