‘Alaskan Bush People’: Bear Brown Finds Peace After Restraining Order?

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown seems to be seeking peace after his pregnant ex-girlfriend got a restraining order against him. Because, Raiven Adams filed for a temporary “domestic violence” order last week. So, how’s he handling things since this news broke?

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Looking for Peace?

Raiven Adams’ mother shared some info alleging Bear Brown was not physically abusing her daughter – but that it was another issue. As of now, Bear Brown hasn’t spoken about his baby mama’s legal action. But, Bear seems to be looking for peace. He showed himself playing the guitar and said it’s peaceful, “kinda like the bush”.

Bear Brown went from Alaskan Bush People proud father-to-be to a man surrounded by questions today. While fans ask repeatedly what happened, Bear hasn’t answered their questions. It looks like Bear was also the focus of many prayers from his ABP followers as well.

His die-hard followers doubt that Bear Brown did anything to deserve a restraining order. While Bear Brown’s extreme on Alaskan Bush People, he also seemed extremely smitten with Raiven. But obviously, something went awry between the two – as they’ve split and reunited and had lots of chaos between them.

Alaskan Bush People - Bear Brown


Why Was Raiven Given a Court Order Keeping Bear Brown Away?

Raiven’s mother, Kassy Michelle, is the only one offering details – but even those are limited. And she hasn’t named Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown specifically. She’s using hashtags like “Mental Abuse Awareness” and “Don’t Pick on Pregnant Ladies: Also “Domestic Violence Awareness,” and “Women are not Property”.

Members of the Alaskan Bush People wilderness family remain quiet on this subject. Raiven’s mom also hashtagged “Mental Abuse is Still Abuse” which sparked assumptions in her followers. Kassy asked for prayers for her daughter and unborn grandson. She also said Raiven is in preterm labor and blamed it on stress.

Alaskan Bush People: Kassy Michelle


Alaskan Bush People – Pregnancy Not on Season – What Now?

The last season of ABP showed Bear Brown romancing Raiven as she got to know the mountain and the family. But, they didn’t dig too deeply into what happened with them. And most of their relationship played out with no cameras around.

Because, Bear Brown didn’t find out about Raiven’s pregnancy while the last Alaskan Bush People season filmed. After filming wrapped, Bear and his gal pal were on and off, found out they were pregnant, reunited, then split again.

There seems to be a lot of drama between them and now this court order business. For now, Bear Brown seems to be looking for some serenity in his life, But, other than that, he offered no details on what went wrong between the two. And there’s a few weeks left in her pregnancy and a looming court date to make the court order permanent.

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