’90 Day Fiance’: Will Nicole Nafziger Lose May? Fans Want Family to Take Custody of Her Daughter

90 Day Fiance veteran Nicole Nafziger continues to face criticism over her untimely reunion with Azan Tefou. Nicole has been getting harsh criticism since leaving her country amid a health crisis to hook up with Azan. But what really triggered many of the negative remarks was Nicole’s decision to leave her daughter May with Robbalee Fouraker.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger’s Family Gives May Lots of Loving as She Stays With Azan Tefou

It’s been almost two months since Nicole Nafziger left for Morocco to be with Azan Tefou in Morocco. The 90 Day Fiance celeb left the country without her daughter May, which definitely raised some eyebrows. Many have expressed their dismay over her “selfish” decision. Some were even concerned about the little girl’s wellbeing.

Fortunately for May, she seems to get all the loving she needs despite being away from her mother. May currently stays with her grandma Robbalee Fouraker. The proud grandparent steps in to provide for May while Nicole Nafziger is busy with Azan Tefou.

It’s obvious that May enjoys being with her grandma and the rest of her family. In some of the photos shared by Robbalee Fouraker, little May looked nothing short of a happy kid. This is despite Nicole Nafziger’s absence for the last couple of months.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Nafziger - May

Nicole’s Daughter Spends Time With Aunt Ashley

Aside from Robbalee Fouraker, May also gets to spend some time with her aunt Ashley Nafziger. In another post, the 90 Day Fiance star’s daughter appeared in high spirits as she bonded with Ashley. Robbalee Fouraker even described May as a “happy child” when she’s with Nicole Nafziger’s sister.

It’s not surprising to see May being cared for and adored by her family. After all, the little kid is such a sweetheart. Still, nothing beats a mother’s care and love. It’ll be a lot better if Nicole Nafziger will be around her daughter, especially at a time like this.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger - May

90 Day Fiance Fans Want Robbalee Fouraker Take May’s Custody

Meanwhile, calls for Robbalee Fouraker to file for May’s custody continues to intensify. Many 90 Day Fiance fans have encouraged Nicole Nafziger’s mom to make the move for the sake of her grandchild. They think May is better off with Robbalee than be with Nicole who continues to “chase” Azan Tefou.

Others believe May will be in a safer and more loving setting if she stays with Robbalee Fouraker. They think Nicole doesn’t have her priorities straight, adding that she seems to choose Azan over May when she left the U.S. For some, Nicole Nafziger doesn’t set a good example for her daughter.

On the other hand, some defended the 90 Day Fiance alum from all the haters. They think Nicole has endured endless mom-shaming ever since she appeared on the show. Others pointed out that Nicole Nafziger’s role as a single parent is never easy. In the end, it’s not up to the fans. It’s up to Nicole and her family.

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