’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole Nafziger’s Mom Robbalee Takes Granddaughter May’s Future Into Her Hands

90 Day Fiance star Nicole Nafziger‘s mother, Robbalee Fouraker, is stepping up to the plate to help fund granddaughter May’s future. Nicole left the country without her daughter to be with her fiance Azan Tefou. This left her mother the responsibility of raising and taking care of Nicole’s daughter May.

Robbalee is now making extra money and provide for her grandchild. The move came as Nicole remains stuck with Azan Tefou in Morocco. Is Robbalee doing the right thing? Or will it only make things worse for Nicole Nafziger?

90 Day Fiance: Robbalee Fouraker Hustles Hard for May

Looks like Robbalee Fouraker, Nicole Nafziger’s mom, is not taking any chances on her grandchild’s future. The 90 Day Fiance cast member recently revealed her plans to help assist May financially. Robbalee’s decision came amid Nicole’s Morocco months long “vacation” with Azan Tefou.

In a short video, Nicole’s mama shared her plan with 90 Day Fiance followers. Nicole’s mother said she just joined the video sharing website Cameo that allows fans to purchase custom video messages. Nicole’s mom now offers personalized video greetings or advice for $40. Robbalee Fouraker said a “large portion” of the amount she’ll make will go to “May’s future fund”.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger - Robbalee Fouraker

Robbalee Claps Back at Haters

As expected, Robbalee Fouraker’s side gig drew mixed reactions online. While some find the 90 Day Fiance celeb admirable for looking after her grandkid, others are more critical of it. There were some who think she is making things easier for Nicole Nafziger. They believe Azan Tefou’s future wife will not be able to parent May independently because her family is always around to take responsibility.

On 90 Day Fiance Nicole Nafziger would almost blackmail her family into getting her way by using her daughter May as leverage. Because Nicole didn’t have the income level to qualify to be a sponsor for a K-1 visa, she threatened to take May away permanently to Morocco unless someone from her family became Azan Tefou’s financial sponsor in the U.S.

But Robbalee was quick to clap back at trolls attacking her and daughter Nicole Nafziger on social media. Robbalee Fouraker said she’s only doing what she can as a grandmother. Robbalee Fouraker added she’s “in a good place” right now and can do things she wasn’t able to do for her kids in the past. “I was a struggling parent but now I can set things aside for May and other future grandchildren,” she wrote. “We do what we can when we can”.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger - May

90 Day Fiance: Robbalee Defends Nicole’s Stay in Morocco

Meanwhile, Robbalee Fouraker confirmed that Nicole Nafziger is still holed up in Morocco with Azan Tefou. She said the 90 Day Fiance alum is doing fine and that Azan Tefou is taking good care of her. She also defended her daughter from people asking why she hasn’t returned when things were not as serious as it is right now.

Robbalee Fouraker pointed out that flying back to America from Morocco amid a health crisis is more complicated than what people think. She added that there were flights that can take Nicole Nafziger to London but she opted to “wait it out”. She said they agreed for her daughter to stay there with Azan rather than winding up in another country not knowing anyone.

Robbalee also said Nicole Nafziger tries her best to bond with May even when she’s thousands of miles away. She claimed her daughter contacts May every day to speak with her or do things like watching TV together over video call. Robbalee Fouraker assured 90 Day Fiance fans that Nicole Nafziger will be home soon.

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