’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole Nafziger Leaves Morocco – Confirmed – May Finally Gets Mom Back

90 Day Fiance single mom Nicole Nafziger is finally on her way back to her daughter after leaving Azan Tefou. Most fans criticized her lengthy stay in Morocco and that Nicole chose to remain away from her daughter for five months. But now, she’s finally heading home.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger Claimed She Was Stuck – Relied on Click Bait for Cash?

It was March of this year when Nicole Nafziger hopped a plane to Morocco. The timing of her exit was peculiar since by then, everyone knew COVID-19 was a problem, and lockdowns and travel restrictions had begun. Yet, Nicole managed to fly into Azan’s homeland before his country closed its borders.

Once there, Nicole from 90 Day Fiance teased fans by posting old photos of her with Azan. That came after she promised her followers she would vlog the trip. When days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and Nicole Nafziger remained away from her daughter, fan criticism hit a fever pitch.

To further annoy her followers, Nicole Nafziger filled her social channels with clickbait ads, much of it taking aim at other 90 Day Fiance stars. One in particular that angered fans saw Nicole profiting off news of the death of Angela Deem’s mother. Meanwhile, Nicole claimed she was stuck and couldn’t come home. But was that true?

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger - Azan Tefou

Many Flights Back to US Offered – She Missed Them All – May Without her Mom

Of course, May Nafziger was never in any danger from her 90 Day Fiance mom leaving her behind for so long. That’s because Nicole Nafziger left her with her mom, Robbalee Fouraker. But, that doesn’t mean May did not miss her mom – or that it was the best parenting choice. However, we confirmed with the US Embassy that she could have come home.

When travel began locking down in Morocco, starting in March, the US Embassy offered repatriation flights to US citizens. These continued through late July. So, Nicole Nafziger could have got on a plane and left her 90 Day Fiance Azan to be with her daughter. What’s more, the US government would let Nicole fly for no money up-front.

The low-cost flights were available on a fly now, pay later basis. So, it doesn’t seem like any US citizen, including Nicole Nafziger, was “stuck” without a way back. Now, the 90 Day Fiance alum is finally coming home. But, another quick check with the embassy shows that Nicole may only be on a plane now because she was forced out of Azan’s country.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger

90 Day Fiance Visa Expired – Nicole Left With 1 Day to Spare

When Nicole Nafziger came to Morocco, her visa allowed a 90 day stay. That term expired in June since she traveled there in March. However, because of COVID concerns, the North African country extended all foreign visas. Now, with commercial flights resuming and restrictions easing, they’ve called in all expired visas.

Reportedly, Nicole Nafziger’s visa expires on Monday, August 10. And if she stayed past then in Morocco, she’d be fined. So, based on embassy info, it looks like 90 Day Fiance celeb Nicole stayed as long as she possibly could, despite available affordable flights sponsored by the US government.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger - May Nafziger

Confirmed – Nicole Flew Out of Morocco Today – Fan Spotted Her at Airport

You can see from the 90 Day Fiance fan photo above, that Nicole Nafziger was definitely flying out of Casablance airport this morning. Some critics alleged that she was not really in N. Africa and returned home weeks ago. However, she put all that to rest this morning by chronicling her journey – and with this well-timed fan encounter.

Now, with a 14-hour flight ahead of the 90 Day Fiance traveler, Nicole should be in the US early Monday morning. That means May Nafizger only faces one more night’s sleep without her mother after months apart. This weekend, May enjoyed a trip to Disney World (in a mask) with her aunt, so at least she’s having fun. We’ll update you on the reunion soon.

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