’90 Day Fiance’: Tell-All Host Shaun Robinson Hospitalized – What’s Wrong With Her?

90 Day Fiance Tell-All host Shaun Robinson is in the hospital. She was just at the Oscars over the weekend. Now she’s trading her glam red carpet dress in for a hospital gown. But the circumstances around Shaun’s sudden hospital stay are unknown.

But, she shared pictures of herself lying in a hospital bed with a load of sensors monitoring her vitals. Part 1 of the two-part Tell-All episode airs this Sunday on TLC and since it’s prerecorded, Shaun will still be the host. Because, it taped weeks ago – so she already did the gig.

90 Day Fiance: Shaun Robinson Referees the Tell-All Chaos

Shaun Robinson hosts the 90 Day Fiance franchise Tell-All episodes. And that puts her in the middle of melees and drama. Before that, Shaun had several small acting roles in films like Dr Dolittle 2 and Bruce Almighty. She played a newscaster in both roles. Also, Shaun Robinson’s done a lot of guest spots on television shows such as Last Man Standing, Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Everybody Hates Chris.

In 2019, she starred as Kris Kensington in five episodes of the show Games People Play. Yet, 90 Day Fiance fans know her as the longtime host of the special Tell-All at the end of every season. Recently, she’s faced backlash and some want TLC to give her the boot. So, what outraged TLC watchers so much that they tried to get her fired? Keep reading…

Fans Petition For New Tell-All Host

It’s no secret that TLC fans are looking for a new host for the most-anticipated part of every 90 Day Fiance season. Shaun Robinson’s last stint was for The Other Way spinoff season ender. On there, many viewers found her interview questions subpar.

In fact, most of her criticism comes from the fact that fans believe she could ask more “hard-hitting” questions. Despite petitions to replace Shaun Robinson in her spot as the host, she is hosting the 90 Day Fiance Tell-All for season 7.

Plus, they filmed months ago. So, TLC junkies can watch Part 1 this Sunday. Yet, they may have gotten their wish because Shaun Robinson’s now hospitalized and now her future with the franchise could be up in the air. That is if her health issues are something serious.

90 Day Fiance: Tell-All: Shaun Robinson

90 Day Fiance: Sick Shaun Robinson Shares Hospital Pic

In one of her recent Instagram stories, Shaun Robinson shared a picture of herself in a shocking location. She’s wearing a hospital johnny and has a lot of sensor wires running out of her gown. According to her post, she’s been there for three days. Shaun’s expression is sad and she looks really tired.

Whatever put Shaun Robinson in the hospital remains a mystery right now. But the abundance of monitors attached to her chest and multi-day stay look like a sign of trouble. She also shared a cryptic message that “broken crayons still color”. So stay tuned for updates on the TLC host’s health.

For now, you can see Shaun Robinson host the first part of the Tell-All this Sunday night at 8/7c on TLC. And expect plenty of drama and hijinks again.

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