’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Larissa And Colt Despised by Co-Stars – Crew Urges Cast To Brawl at Tell All

90 Day Fiance officially wrapped and Larissa Christina and Colt Johnson go out with a bang on the upcoming Tell All. The sixth season offers more drama as fans of the hit TLC reality show are in for a treat with the upcoming tell-all episode. Expect to see more drama, heated arguments, and bombshell revelations about the show.

90 Day Fiance: Co-Stars Hate Larissa Christina & Colt Johnson

Perhaps one of the most talked about couples on 90 Day Fiance is Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina. The two are famous for being feisty, both to their haters and even co-stars.

Spoilers for the 90 Day Fiance Tell All reveal that Colt and Larissa got on the nerves of their co-cast members. In the short clip, the reality stars were dismayed by the couple’s diva-like behavior on the set. And things were reportedly even worse backstage.

Jay Smith says he finds Colt and Larissa annoying. Johnathan Rivera, on the other hand, bluntly admits that he doesn’t want to see Larissa, adding that she makes him “cringe”.

Meanwhile, Leida Margaretha slams the controversial couple for being late to the shoot and inconveniencing the rest of the cast and crew. Fernanda Flores has strong words to Colt and Larissa as well. The Mexican beauty firmly believes that Larissa is only after the green card, adding that Colt “deserves her”.


90 Day Fiance: Larissa And Fernanda Flores Reconcile

Despite their heated argument on and off the camera, Larissa Christina and Fernanda Flores managed to set aside their differences. Based on a leak from a set insider, the 90 Day Fiance beauties will reconcile during the tell-all episode.

In the now-deleted post, it was revealed that Larissa and Fernanda “apologized to each other”. Apparently, the reality stars talk things through and listened to each other’s side of the story. But Colt Johnson and Jonathan Rivera may not have buried the hatchet.


Steven Frend Sides With Tasha Rosenbrook – Slams Leida For Kicking Out Stepdaughter

The same source also revealed that Steven Frend takes Tasha Rosenbrook’s side over Leida Margaretha. Apparently, the 90 Day Fiance star can relate to the teenager’s experience being kicked out by a parent. Steven admitted he didn’t graduate high school because his mom kicked him to the curb, so it’s a sore spot.

Leida and Tasha are still not on good terms after their nasty feud over a messy bedroom, which resulted in Eric Rosenbrook and Leida pushing his daughter to move out of the shared apartment. Since then, the two have been at each other’s throats, even after the show ended. Their Instagram fights are always favorited by fans.

90 Day Fiance Production Allegedly Encourages Cast Member Fights

With all the drama between the 90 Day Fiance couples, it’s inevitable to think that some of the incidents were staged. If the same source is correct, then it explains why this season’s cast members seem to fight often, particularly during the Tell All.

Plus, TLC is known for setting up fake drama or heightening drama with editing. Remember on the last season of Before the 90 Days, they hired an actress to work with Ricky Reyes and pretend to be a second online gal pal. There may be more frauding at work here!


90 Day Cast Urged to Go All Out

The set insider alleges that the show’s production crew encouraged cast members to fight with each other behind the scenes at the Tell All episode while cameras were rolling. Reportedly, the reality stars were urged to make a scene in order to get higher ratings for the show and build interest for the next season.

The 90 Day Fiance Tell All leaks also reveal how much each couple got for starring on the show. According to the backstage tipster, cast members get $2500 per episode and a whopping $4000 for the Tell All alone. However, reports vary and not every couple is paid the same amount, so these numbers aren’t set in stone.

Whether the drama is orchestrated or not, the Tell All should be explosive and entertaining. Tune in by watching TLC next Sunday to see how the season wraps, who brawls, and who makes nice.

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