’90 Day Fiance’ LEAK: TLC Blindsides Corey With Evelin Cheating Video at ‘The Other Way’ Tell All

We’ve got more exclusive 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell-All leaks. This next one’s about Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas. We’ve seen during the season that Corey’s been repeatedly upset by the talk in the village about Evelin and her ex. Evelin says that she and Corey were “on a break” and her ex came to Ecuador for a hook-up. Corey at first told the cameras he didn’t think they were on a break, he was just giving her some space.  But, recently he has back-peddled and now says they were on a break in a recent post. Corey changed his statement after fans started posting disparaging remarks about Evelin.

To make things worse, apparently everyone in the small town knows about the cheating and is talking about Corey Rathgeber behind his back. He coped with that but then TLC producers blindsided Corey at the 90 Day Fiance Tell-All. Here’s what our production insider told us happened and how they reportedly devastated Corey with surprise footage.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way – TLC Made Corey Rathgeber Sign Mental Health Waiver

Our insider exclusively told Soap Dirt that TLC had all those appearing on the 90 Day Fiance Tell-All sign a “mental health waiver”, including Corey Rathgeber. This essentially exonerated Sharp Entertainment and TLC for any emotional damage done to them during this tense episode. Our source said this was a shocker to the participants and was a red flag that some very intense things would happen. One of those most affected was Corey Rathgeber, said our source.

In addition to the waiver, the show brought in a mental health professional to provide counseling to cast members. The person was reportedly a PhD, not an MD, and hired for anyone that had psychological issues during the show. As we exposed recently, Aladin Jallali asked Laura Jallali for a divorce. She broke down and spent time backstage with the shrink. But our source said Corey spent the most time with the therapist at the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell-All.


TLC Blindsided Corey With Evelin Villegas Cheating Footage

Those following 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way cast may know that Evelin Villegas can’t come into the US. Sources say she’s got a ban against her for three years for a prior tourist visa violation so that precluded her from being at the Tell-All. That means she was on a video call like other foreign partners of the cast. But Evelin Villegas’ face wasn’t the only thing Corey Rathgeber saw at the Tell-All.

This season, Evelin Villegas admitted to Corey that when they were on a break, she saw her ex-boyfriend. He also found out that his local pal Raul had been with Evelin before. This was a rough few episodes for Corey and all happened right before his father died. That makes what was done to him at the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell-All even sketchier. Because Corey Rathgeber came into this after a rough time emotionally. Then they showed him footage…

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Tell All – Shock Footage of Evelin With Other Guy

At the Tell-All, after securing Corey’s mental health waiver and making sure the counselor was ready. Our source says TLC put never-before-seen footage in his face. Of course, longtime 90 Day Fiance watchers know that they always spring unaired footage on these reunion episodes. But this was hard stuff for Corey Rathgeber to see. It was one thing to hear that Evelin Villegas was with another man – but quite another to see it.

The production source we’ve got at 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way says Corey was upbeat and in a good mood prior to this segment of the show. Then, they sprang footage on him of Evelin and the other guy discussing what went down between them. At that point, our insider says Corey completely broke down and was sent to the counselor. However, since then it seems Corey’s worked through it. Because his recent social posts about what she did are forgiving.

Then again, Corey Rathgeber seems like a nice guy and very understanding of Evelin Villegas’ life choices.

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