’90 Day Fiance’: Tania’s Adult Store Purchase Bleeped By TLC – Here’s What It Was

90 Day Fiance star Tania Maduro had fans questioning the “pink” product that was bleeped out by TLC during last week’s episode. While Tania was shopping for stuff to spice up her intimate life, she asked for an item that was bleeped out and didn’t make it to air. TLC either thought it wasn’t appropriate or thought that the bleep sound would add a nice effect to the scene. Fans were curious to find out what the product was and we found out.

90 Day Fiance Update: Tania Maduro Met Foreign Fiance Unexpectedly

Tania Maduro is a bartender and self-proclaimed activist who is not afraid to keep things interesting in the bedroom. On 90 Day Fiance, she made it clear that she will not marry someone who doesn’t want children and she wants children as soon as possible.

The 90 Day Fiance Connecticut native, Tania Maduro, first met Syngin Colchester unexpectedly. Things didn’t work out between Tania Maduro and a guy she met online while they were on a trip to South Africa. So, Tania left the guy and went out for a night of fun. It was then she saw a hot bartender. Who eventually became her fiance. After being apart for so long, Syngin got the approval of his K1 visa and is now moving to America.


90 Day Fiance Celeb Prepares For Syngin’s Arrival At Adult Toy Store

As seen on 90 Day Fiance, Tania Maduro did some unusual preparations for the arrival of Syngin Colchester. Tania spent some time shopping in an adult toy shop. Where she looked at lingerie, pleasure devices and enhancement pills. Which all ended up on the night table beside their bed in the hotel room.

When it came to Syngin Colchester’s arrival day, the 90 Day Fiance newcomer wanted everything to be perfect. So, Tania had her girls meet her at the hotel to help her get ready. Her friends helped pick out the perfect outfit. They even spread rose petals all over the hotel bed for the couple’s first night together in the states.

Show Bleeps Out Tania’s Adult Shop Purchase

While Tania Maduro was in the toy store for adults she was looking for a product that was a little too crazy to be said on the show. So, TLC’s 90 Day Fiance ended up bleeping the name of the product out. All you could hear was that it began with the word pink. This left many fans curious about what the item was.

The item Tania wanted was a libido boosting pill called ‘Pink P*ssycat”. This was later confirmed by Tania.


According to the package, the little pink pill is a dietary supplement to increase arousal and female satisfaction. A look at the back of the package shows a blend of herbs and is what’s considered to be an herbal female Viagra. But while pills like Viagra have been tested and are FDA approved, this pink pill’s claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. Natural herbal medications are not regulated like other medications.

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