90 Day Fiance: Steven Done With ‘Swipe Up’ – How Much Do Cast Members Make From Swipe Scheme?

90 Day Fiance star Steven Frend had enough of the hate he’s getting for posting those pesky “swipe up” links in his Insta Stories. Now, the father of one is steering clear from the eyebrow-raising scheme after getting negative comments on social media.

With the trend being promoted by almost every couple from Season 6, many are wondering what they really get in return. Are they earning big bucks from it? If so, how much do they make from what many consider click bait links?

90 Day Fiance: Steven Frend Ditches Unpopular ‘Swipe Up’

Looks like Steven Frend is no longer interested in doing swipe posts. The 90 Day Fiance new dad recently announced that he and his fiancee Olga Koshimbetova are ditching the infamous trend on Instagram. In a post, Steven said he will no longer be posting “swipe up” links on his IG Stories.

Apparently, many 90 Day fans dislike them and have referred to them as click bait. Steven Frend’s move of ditching these cash-earning links was well-received by his followers. Because many were quick to praise the 90 Day Fiance star for listening to his followers, even if it means sacrificing an earning opportunity.

90 Day Fiance - Steven Frend

Other 90 Day Fiance Cast Members Continue Swipe Scheme

Meanwhile, other cast members of 90 Day Fiance continue to do “swipe up” posts. Ever since the show ended, the majority of the stars started spamming their IG Stories with these mostly-disliked links.

Interestingly, these links are usually stories about themselves or fellow cast members. To make their posts even more tempting, they use catchy one-liners matched with intriguing photos.

Some of the cast members that continue doing the swipes include Larissa Christina, Ashley Martson, and Jay Smith. These 90 Day Fiance celebs regularly flood their IG stories with these links some fans consider shady.

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How Much Do 90 Day Fiance Stars Earn From Swipes?

With the way some 90 Day Fiance stars religiously embed “swipe up” links on their IG Stories, many are wondering just how much do they earn from it. An anonymous source (who is part of the program to swap swipes for money) offered some shocking revelations about the trend.

Apparently, an Instagram user who posts these links gets a revenue share of $5 per 1000 clicks. So, while it’s true that doesn’t seem like a lot of money, it can easily add up depending on the number of social followers a user has.


90 Day Fiance Cast  Instagram Cash Grab

In the case of 90 Days Fiance stars, some have thousands of followers. For instance, if the celeb is getting at least 20,000 clicks per day, it’ll rake in $100 a day or $3,000 a month. This is not far-fetched with a quantity of followers.

The same source also noted there are bonuses if the cast member keeps the “swipe up” post active for 24 hours or denies or confirms rumors related to the link. Meanwhile, chatter has it that the 90 Day Fiance cast has no control over the posts.

Because, one participant said that they essentially rent out access to their IG account and a company posts the often over-dramatically titled links automatically.

Some claim that 90 Day Fiance reality stars don’t know what will be posted until it goes live on IG. So far, other cast members have yet to step back from making swipe posts to earn easy money.

So, what do you think of Steven Frend’s decision to ditch the swipe scheme? Do you think other cast members will follow suit? Do you fall for the tempting headlines that try to entice you to click?

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