’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: Brandon and Julia Have Some Fun Down On the Farm

90 Day Fiance recap: Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina have some fun on the farm when his parents leave town and leave some cloudy evidence behind.

Natalie Mordovtseva searches high and low for her engagement ring but comes up empty handed again. Yara Zaya mopes around New Orleans and wonders if she could be pregnant. And Zied Hakimi is already homesick after just one day in America.

Stir up some rice with shrimps and let’s take a closer look this 90 Day Fiance recap: season 8 episode 7 You So Bad Boy.

90 Day Fiance Recap: Brandon and Julia Trubkina Let Loose

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina are finally getting some alone time. It seems his folks are leaving them alone on the farm for a night. And the forecast calls for cloudy with a chance of hot tub on 90 Day Fiance. Julia starts the fun by appearing at the door wrapped in a towel that she soon drops and of course she’s buck naked. Brandon sheds his duds too and the two jump into the hot tub. It’s clear there was some good stuff going on but only the camera crew and the animals know for sure.

That is until the next morning. Brandon’s parents are back and notice something amiss in the “therapy” hot tub. It’s cover is askew and it’s cloudy. Gross right? But Brandon’s righteous mom Betty grills the lovebirds as to why they wore clothes in the hot tub. Suggesting the murky water is contaminated by dryer sheet residue. She’s peeved that she now has to drain it. And demands they be naked from now on in the tub. But still don’t sleep together. Is anyone else confused?

Next up on 90 Day Fiance, Brandon’s dad is mad and he’s not gonna take it anymore. While grooming a horses a*s he fumes that Brandon is inside serving tea to Julia in bed while he’s out here “doing animals.” Another town hall meeting is called about Brandon’s laziness and Julia’s lack of enthusiasm for shoveling pig crap and feeding goats. Julia walks out and Brandon promises to drag her out the next day. The next day she’s put to work without even a cup of tea. Harsh!

Natalie Mordovtseva Looks For Her Engagement Ring But Comes Up Empty Handed

On 90 Day Fiance, isolation makes Natalie Mordovtseva even more looney. In between laundry and cat litter duty she ransacks Mike Youngquist’s place looking for her engagement ring. She even searches the closet she deemed too smelly for her things last week. After finding a small locked safe she thinks she’s solved the mystery. She’d probably be really super disappointed to find out that the safe actually holds Uncle Beau’s Indian Head penny collection, a rabbit’s foot and half a Slim Jim.

Mike comes home after a long week of work and commutes and she’s ready to pounce. She mentions looking for the ring before calling him fat, stupid and low class. She wants to make him “shrimps and rice” and claims to have a superior IQ of 110. It’s ok Natalie, Mensa won’t be knocking anytime soon. She demands Mike cook the shrimp with steam instead of making a stir fry. And wants to high five him and kiss him when he agrees. And he tells her he doesn’t want a kiss right now.

In her attempt to continue to ruin his life she accuses him of being drunk off one beer and says she’s afraid of him. She also suggests his ex-wife was probably low class too and that he “goes to bars”. When Mike questions her for specifics of course she has none. And waves her hands over some candles before sulking off to her room. The 90 Day Fiance producers suggest she provokes Mike. And she agrees. That’s putting it way too mildly.

Zied Hakimi Is Home Alone on 90 Day Fiance Recap

This 90 Day Fiance recap shows that after being force fed fish and chips and surviving an interrogation, Zied Hakimi just wants to go to sleep in the new apartment. He’s a little underwhelmed by the mattress on the floor and unsure of the shopping cart decor in the living room. Rebecca Parrott chews her lip hard as she senses Zied isn’t himself. And then the gleam returns to her eye when she remembers she still has a bomb to drop on him that she once lived in the building with her scandalous Moroccan ex.

On 90 Day Fiance, Rebecca misses her chance to just blurt out this meaningless nothing while this man is tired and delirious from flying and chain restaurant food. In the morning she kisses a weary Zied goodbye. After all the hot chicken ain’t gonna cook itself. The metro Atlanta hungry lunch crowd awaits. Meanwhile Zied wakes up looking for coffee and is enthralled with a gallon of milk calling it “so big”.

He sits on the floor and video chats with his mom. She thinks the apartment looks “outdated” but Zied assures her it’s expensive. She is sad and blows him a kiss through the screen. Finally, Rebecca returns to the apartment at Second Chance Lofts and brings Zied a gift. In between slinging spicy thighs and picking up his boxes at the post offices she found two dolls that resemble them. Zied presents her with the gift of a bracelet and wonders how soon he can fly back home.

Yara Zaya Mopes Around New Orleans on 90 Day Fiance

Yara Zaya sits alone on a bench while the sights, sounds and sometimes unfortunate smells of New Orleans swirl around her. She’s halfway through Jovi Dufren’s month long absence for work. Since he left she’s learned of his penchant for “stree-pers” and blackout drinking. But he assured her those things are all in the past since she is now his 90 Day Fiance. Jovi’s mom and aunt have invited her to meet them for coffee and she’s bored so she agrees.

Jovi’s mom is quick to grill Yara about her LBJ ( Life Before Jovi). Yara admits she was engaged once before but “like just with the ring not like a big production you have here in America”. And it ended when she met her 90 Day Fiance Jovi online. The judgement vibes are strong and Jovi’s mom can’t hide her obvious eye rolls that this woman actually knew other men before her son. Even though Jovi regularly bedded random strippers.

“Hey, it’s a cajun thing” his mom tells production. It’s what we do down here. We fry stuff, we have family weddings, wrestle alligators and drink till we blackout. She admits she wanted a “bayou girl” for her son as she channels her inner Kathy Bates from The Waterboy. She pressures Yara again about having a “family gathering” after the Vegas wedding. Yara again says nyet and walks home realizing she’s tired and nauseous. Could she be pregnant? Or was it that crawdad croissant?

Hazel Cagalitan Confronts Tarik about Texting Their Ex

Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan (Tarzel) head to the beach masked up for pandemic restrictions on 90 Day Fiance. Hazel notices women in bikinis on the beach. She reminds us that she is bisexual and likes girls. But couldn’t admit that back in the Philippines due to her religious parents. But now she’s totally free to dive in the lady pond. And Tarzel had added a third party not too long ago but it didn’t work out.

This brings up a little issue Hazel found while snooping in Tarik’s phone. It seems he reached out to miss Minty fresh pretty recently. Tarik admits he did but it was only to make sure she hadn’t been hit by the virus. Hazel isn’t happy about it. She knows he has a thing for Thai women. And Tarik and Minty had a bad habit of speaking Thai in front of Hazel which made her feel like the third wheel. So it was time to let go of the spare tire. Until she finds one she approves of that is.

Andrew Kenton Rides Out His All Inclusive Stay on 90 Day Fiance

Andrew Kenton eats his all inclusive dinner poolside in Puerto Vallarta. He wonders the grounds of the resort barefoot and then heads to his room. Surprise! Amira Lollysa is online! She’s been detained in Mexico City for days and is now on a plane bound for Amsterdam. He tells her how sorry he is and that he’s relieved that she is safe. He remembers there is shuffleboard soon in the west lobby and signs off.

Amira checks in to her hotel in Amsterdam and sets up her phone to speak with producers. Outside, 90 Day Fiance alum Jesse Meester waits for the right time to offer an edible arrangement and free life coaching session. She sobs and recounts the 3 days in the detention center with no phone and furniture that’s sealed to the floor. She said Andrew hasn’t even followed up to check on her and she was robbed of her dignity. Knock, knock. Jesse is here to help! Till next time!

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