’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: Hazel Seeks a Sister Wife

On 90 Day Fiance Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan are seeking a little third party action to spice things up as lockdown looms.

Natalie Mordovtseva gets excited by a tree and begs Mike to start making wedding plans. Jovi Dufren thinks Yara Zaya is only joking about being knocked up. Andrew Kenton wants Amira Lollysa to keep trotting the globe for loopholes. And Stephanie Davison makes a useless confession to Ryan Carr. Mix up a crown and cola and let’s break down season 8 episode 9 The No Bang Theory.

90 Day Fiance Recap: Tarik Myers & Hazel Cagalitan Want a Sister Wife

Tarik Myers gets an alert on his phone that a mandatory shutdown is ordered by the governor of Virginia due to the pandemic. This means only trips to the grocery store or out for medical emergencies. Even 90 Day Fiance production gets shut down. What doesn’t get shut down is Hazel’s libido. She wants another woman so Tarzel can be a throuple. Specifically she wants a sister, a best friend and a lover.

Hazel Cagalitan talks about her thirst to drink from the lady pond in a flat, bored tone. She looks like she couldn’t summon the energy to lick the center out of an Oreo much less engage in double stuff in the bedroom. Tarik is on board and ready with some grape Cabernet and a whole website of threesome friendly ladies. The two search the app and discuss what type Hazel likes. But wait isn’t this still quarantine? Tarik lays out some ground rules and ta-da the two have a profile up and ready to go. Good luck.

Natalie Mordovtseva Is a Real Tree Hugger

On 90 Day Fiance, Mike Youngquist’s mom is taking her now famous bangs and love of butter back to Oklahoma. Natalie Mordovtseva is sad to see her go. Because Mike was a little nicer when she was there. But now it’s back to just the two of them plus a cat and lots of awkward dinners. Mike’s mom lets producers know she isn’t sure if these two will make it to the altar. But then says something mostly unheard of in 90 Day mom circles. Mike’s a full grown man. He can figure it out.

Natalie Mordovtseva asks Mike to pray with her before they eat. Well really, Natalie says a rapid fire Hail Mary while Mike keeps one eye open on the corn on the cob drowning in butter. They are going hiking and Natalie has put on shiny lip gloss and eye makeup. Mike makes a dig at her for wearing makeup and she shuts down. And admits to producers she hates criticism. But once on the hike she relaxes and makes out with a tall sturdy tree with more personality than Mike.

Natalie has finally decided to unpack on 90 Day Fiance. She hangs her collection of velour athleisure in Mike’s closet while complaining about the smell. Instead of trying to find the source of the lingering odor, she asks Mike if they can go shop for smells. The stop in a small store and the sales lady just happens to have a collection of linen spray which Natalie loves. Natalie Mordovtseva tries to get Mike to talk wedding plans in the store and he gets annoyed and walks out leaving Natalie sulking inside.

Yara Zaya Gets Put To The Test By Jovi Dufren

90 Day Fiance couple Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya are out and about in New Orleans. Jovi eyes up some New Orleans themed street art. But it’s a big fat no from Yara who says Jovi has no taste. She still hasn’t told him that she’s pregnant. After Jovi showed up with a morning cocktail she got angry and didn’t fess up. Yara is interested in getting a henna tattoo and plops down with freelance artist “Henna by Jenna”.

While Jenna creates an original design on Yara’s hand Jovi looks bored and dreaming of his next cocktail. Yara Zaya decides this is the time to blurt out that she’s pregnant. Jovi laughs this off as a joke. And henna Jenna tries to stay focused while this juicy little drama unfolds. It seems Yara has joked around about being preggo before. So Jovi’s not too concerned. Yara is persistent, and he says he’ll believe it when he sees it. The test that is, not the actual baby.

So back at their apartment, Jovi follows his 90 Day Fiance into the bathroom to be sure she actually pees on the stick. He’s convinced the first test is negative because he only sees one line. And Jovi Dufren is no stranger to seeing double.

Yara Zaya agrees to another test with Jovi supervising. And this time it’s spelled it “pregnant”. Jovi apologizes for his a-hole behavior and says he will be ready for the baby. Yara says she’s not, but it’s already in her stomach so she’ll get ready.

Rebecca Parrott Gets Outed By Her So Called Friend – 90 Day Fiance Recap

Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi are having fun playing house in Rebecca’s trendy loft. The couple unpack pots and pans and laugh but the domestic bliss is short lived. Rebecca’s ex-boss and friend Melanie stops by for a visit. She reminds us that she is a private investigator and ran the first background check on Zied which amounted to a whole lot of nothing.

But, Rebecca Parrott warns Zied that like everyone else she won’t accept Zied because they think he will be just like her ex.

On 90 Day Fiance, Melanie wastes no time questioning Zied about his motives while Rebecca chews her lip and sulks in the light shining through the window at the Second Chance Lofts. Melanie implies that Zied isn’t here on vacation and that there are plenty of businesses within walking distance he could work at. Rebecca reminds her that Zied isn’t eligible to work due to his immigration status.

So, Melanie decides to keep jabbing and says she is worried that things with Zied will be a replay of how things went down with her Moroccan ex. Or as Zied calls him ex Rebecca. She points out they are both younger, Arabic, from North Africa and now living in the same apartment complex with Rebecca. This is news to Zied obviously and then Rebecca cries. But Zied takes her side and comforts her because really who cares? So, Rebecca shows Melanie out. Good riddance.

Stephanie Davison Makes A Useless Confession

On 90 Day Fiance, Stephanie Davison finally wakes up next to Ryan Carr after 10 months of long distance bickering. But the morning after is a little tense since Ryan didn’t put out. She questions him and he looks rather bored and says they were tired. And Stephanie had a tummy ache. The frustrated cougar says she didn’t expect the normal magic show. But would’ve enjoyed a solid 2 or 3 minute banging for bonding purposes.

Ryan remains aloof and is layered up in the many watches Stephanie gifted him. She thinks there is something more going on and demands to know if he slept with other women. He says no. And she reminds him that she caught him texting other girls about going on a trip to Cancun. She reminds him that was the same night she threw his phone across the room and told him she was done.

Stephanie Davison begins to cry as she knows she’s got to come clean about banging his cousin on 90 Day Fiance. She blurts it out and Ryan isn’t phased because he already knew. His friends saw Harris go into her room that night and yada yada yada. Stephanie blames Ryan for her indiscretion because he wasn’t making her feel special. Ryan says he’s forgiven Stephanie but not Harris and considers him “dead to me”. But not so much to Stephanie as he’s in upcoming scenes with her.

Brandon Gibbs Cuts a Deal With Betty To Stay on the Farm on 90 Day Fiance

On the last episode of 90 Day Fiance, Julia Trubkina finally snapped. Forced to wake up early and feed and care for animals, the former go-go dancer gave Brandon Gibbs an ultimatum. We leave the farm or I leave. So, Brandon has scheduled a meeting with his parents to break the news that they’ll be going. He kind blurts it out before the buffalo wings get to the table. And blames it on the animals.

When they act surprised he says it might be because Betty demands so much of Brandon’s attention and it’s unnatural. This causes her to weep and prove him right. She says she doesn’t want him to leave and his dad basically just implies that he’s an idiot.

Brandon Gibbs stands his ground to a point and throws out a bargaining chip. Let them shack up in one room and they’ll hang out a little longer.

While mother Betty pauses to consider this option, his dad blows a gasket and just starts screaming no while turning purple with rage. While the restaurant staff cowers in fear, he reminds Brandon he’s the man and should demand respect. But Betty isn’t ready to cut the cord so she agrees to the deal.

Later, Brandon Gibbs and his 90 Day Fiance Julia hit up a bar to play pool and he plies Julia with cheap alcohol and tells her the news. So for now it’s still home on the range for these two.

Andrew Kenton Comes Up With Another Plan For Amira Lollysa

On this 90 Day Fiance recap, Andrew Kenton is catching some rays on his resort balcony before heading downstairs to look for a pick up game of beach volleyball. He FaceTimes with his 90 Day Fiance Amira Lollysa. Then brags about soaking up vitamin D while she tells him she hasn’t been sleeping. He wants to know if it’s the residual stress from her trip to Mexico. Which didn’t involve fruity cocktails or beach views.

Amira Lollysa says yes and Andrew Kenton throws her another bone. How about traveling alone to Serbia in the middle of a pandemic and staying there for a couple weeks then heading over to America. He’s go but he’s heard a good all inclusive resort is hard to come by.

Amira Lollysa said she’ll think about it. Later she has lunch with her BFF Xavier. When she tells him Andrew’s latest ploy to get her to America he tells her what we are all thinking: don’t do it! Till next time!

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