’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Brandon Makes Mom Betty Cry — And Doesn’t Seem to Care

90 Day Fiance spoilers show Brandon Gibbs standing up to Betty Gibbs, which makes his mother cry. Brandon and his parents get into an argument over Julia Trubkina. But it looks like Julia might be the victor and gets what she wants — or at least a little of it.

90 Day Fiance: Brandon Gibbs Stands Up to Betty Gibbs

Spoilers reveal that Brandon Gibbs is finally taking a stand against his parents. He says that given Julia Trubkina’s breakdown, he’s going to be leaving. While he’s sharing this news, Brandon cautiously chooses his words. But, when he finishes up his statement, Betty Gibbs is shocked on 90 Day Fiance.

Betty asks him what he’s going to be leaving. Then, she asks him if he’s going to be leaving the farm. And he says that they’re going move off the family property. That’s because his 90 Day Fiance Julia’s miserable there. She hates the restrictions, feeding animals, and not being able to share a room with Brandon Gibbs.

Then, Betty Gibbs gets really upset. And she asks Brandon why he and his 90 Day Fiance plan to move away. So, Brandon Gibbs tries to explain why they’re going to find a new place to live. But, before he’s able to get his answer out, Betty Gibbs interrupts him by saying “no.” Plus, his dad, Ron Gibbs joins in the freak-out session.

90 Day Fiance: Brandon Gibbs

Julia Trubkina’s Man Fights Back

90 Day Fiance celeb Brandon Gibbs tries to tell his parents that his fiancee isn’t happy living with them. This causes Betty Gibbs to continue to raise her voice. She reminds him that Julia Trubkina has only lived with them for a few weeks. But in that time, it’s clear that Julia’s been miserable.

Then on 90 Day Fiance, Brandon’s father Ron asks his son what the problem is with Julia living with them. Then, Brandon says that Julia’s problem is “the animals.” And this answer shocks Betty. Next, Ron asks his son where they’re going to live if they move out. But, Brandon doesn’t have an exact answer.

Brandon’s dad doesn’t believe they’ll move, because he doesn’t think his son can afford an apartment. But on 90 Day Fiance, Betty’s freaking out because she feels like her son’s leaving. And she worries Brandon doesn’t want to inherit the family farm. Clearly to Brandon Gibbs, whatever Julia wants is more important.

90 Day Fiance: Betty Gibbs

90 Day Fiance: Brandon Makes Mama Betty Cry

Brandon Gibbs says finding an apartment “isn’t great” for their situation but he insists that he can manage it. Ron says that Brandon shouldn’t make a “stupid decision.” Then, his son says that Julia isn’t giving him a choice. He tells his parents that he’s stuck between leaving home or losing Julia. And earlier, she cried on him — and now his mom’s at it.

Betty asks her son if his 90 Day Fiance really told him that. And he says “yeah.” Then, Betty’s voice breaks as she asks if there’s something that happened that “created this.” Next, he says that half of the problem is the animals. But, the other half is Betty’s “neediness” for him. That sends Bett Gibbs into a fit of tears.

And she says that she’s only tried to love Brandon Gibbs. Also, on 90 Day Fiance, she says she tried to “embrace” Julia and “bring her into the family.” Next, Betty. says that she was hoping to pass the farm onto him so that he could pass it onto his children. Brandon Gibbs tells his mother that it’s a pretty picture of what she’s trying to paint. But, that isn’t what he’s hoping for in his future.

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