’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole Nafziger Profits on Angela Deem’s Mom’s Death – Fans Outraged

90 Day Fiance veteran Nicole Nafziger (Azan Tefou’s fiance) continues to enrage some fans with her “swipe-up” advertising posts. Nicole gets yet another round of criticism for using the passing of Angela Deem‘s mother to earn extra money. Nicole’s deceptive “#LinkInBio” post is just one of the many clickbait articles she has shared on Instagram. Did she go overboard this time?

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger Blasted Over Swipe-Up Post

Nicole Nafziger’s image continues to take a hit as her Instagram account posts more misleading links in exchange for money. Earlier this week, the 90 Day Fiance star’s page was flooded with negative remarks after sharing an intriguing swipe-up.

Nicole shared a teary photo of herself and added a worrying “#RIP” caption. She also used the infamous “#LinkInBio,” urging her fans to click on the link. At first glance, one would think Nicole Nafziger’s post was talking about a family member or a close friend who passed away recently. But that’s not the case.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger

Nicole Profits From Death of Angela Deem’s Mother

A quick look at Nicole Nafziger’s clickbait link reveals no connection to her at all. Instead, the write-up talks about the passing of Angela Deem’s mom, Glenda Standridge. Plus, the article she shared was published in February and showed no recent updates about her fellow 90 Day Fiance star.

Many are now accusing Azan Tefou’s fiancee of wrongfully using the death of Angela Deem’s mom for her own benefit. They think she’s being very insensitive about the matter. Some blasted Nicole for going too far just to get more clicks and earn money.

On the other hand, some came to the defense 90 Day Fiance star. They suggest that Nicole Nafziger has no control over the post. As reported earlier, Nichole (and many other reality stars) let third party companies run ads and links that they do not control. Many of these ads, links and swipe-ups are clickbait and have dramatic headlines and links.

90 Day Fiance: Nicole Nafziger

90 Day Fiance: Her History of Clickbait Posts

This is not the first time Nicole Nafziger is in hot water for doing the scheme. In the past, many called out the 90 Day Fiance celebrity for cashing in on her romance with Azan Tefou by sharing false links. She already teased about a breakup, wedding, and even a pregnancy that never really happened.

Nicole is not the only 90 Day Fiance cast member involved in the misleading swipe-up promotions. Larissa Dos Santos Lima, Deavan Clegg, Ashley Martson, Jay Smith, and Danielle Jbali are just a few who jumped into the bandwagon. Others even became the subject of malicious clickbait stories, such as Darcey Silva’s supposed death by suicide posted by Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham.

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