’90 Day Fiance’: Michael Not Scamming Angela Deem – It’s the Opposite?

90 Day Fiance‘s Angela Deem bought a microwave for Michael Ilesanmi‘s mother – and it cooked up a lot of outrage among fans. Many thought that this was some sort of scam by Michael. However, there’s an explanation. Soap Dirt interviewed a Lagos native familiar with Yoruban marriage customs and they explained what went down from the Nigerian perspective.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Less Than an Ideal Bride

It’s no secret Angela Deem isn’t the ideal bride for Michael Ilesanmi. Their age difference on 90 Day Fiance has always been a potential roadblock for the pair. And, there’s also the fact that Michael and his family wants him to have children. Having children is huge in Nigerian culture. And, even though Angela Deem is open to having Michael’s child, the fact that she has one egg left and no one wants to give her one could be a deal-breaker.

In addition, Angela Deem misspoke when talking to Michael Ilesanmi’s mom – at least in the 90 Day Fiance scenes that aired. She overstated her chances of giving Michael a child. And, with no one willing to give her an egg back home, the chances of having one seem slim. Especially since In Vitro Fertilization is likely out of Angela Deem’s price range. The procedure can cost up to $15,000 – not including the cost of medication. And, that’s just for the first round which isn’t always effective.

90 Day Fiance: Yoruba Tribal Customs – Michael Ilesanmi’s Making a Non-Traditional Bride Choice

SD spoke with a native Nigerian familiar with tribal customs. And, the exchange sheds light on what went down on the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiance. Michael Ilesanmi insisted Angela Deem get his mother a microwave. But, Angela worried the gifts get bigger and more expensive with each visit. The Nigerian insider revealed gift giving is a gesture of “goodwill”.

Many 90 Day Fiance watchers have posted they think it’s a scam by Angela’s fiance Michael. Something similar went down between Benjamin Taylor and Akinyi Obala on Before the 90 Days while negotiating a “bride price”. But, according to the SD insider, buying gifts for your mother-in-law is in line with Nigerian customs – and not a scam. By Nigerian standards, Michael gets the short end of the stick if Angela can’t have his child. So, the more short-comings a potential spouse has, the more expensive the gifts may become.

90 Day Fiance: Not a Scam – But a Bribe for Acceptance?

Even though Michael Ilesanmi’s relatives don’t scam Angela Deem outright, there are a number of things working against her. The SD insider revealed that the “age factor” is huge for the pair in Yoruba culture. Typically, the husband-to-be is “a few years older” than the bride. So, that alone could easily be a deal-breaker for the 90 Day Fiance pair.

In addition, if Angela Deem was younger than Michael Ilesanmi, it would be easier for his family to accept her. According to SD’s source, Angela being American is not a major hurdle. At the end of the day it comes down to their age difference.

And, the source dished that if Angela was younger than Michael Ilesanmi, accepting her as his bride-to-be would be “much easier”. There’s also the fact that married women “command more respect” in Nigerian culture. So, getting the approval of your mother-in-law is crucial, and gift-giving to achieve that is part of the culture.

Will They Welcome Angela Deem into the Family?

Even with the microwave in tow, whether or not Michael’s kin accept Angela Deem on 90 Day Fiance remains to be seen. Michael’s relatives want him to marry someone local and start a family. So, Angela’s gift-giving is an attempt to get them to accept their relationship – not just a chance for his relatives to cash in on appliances.

And, whether or not that works is a big deal for them moving forward. With Michael’s K-1 visa denial, the pair may have no choice but to marry in Nigeria – provided they get the green light from his family. Certainly, this is a situation to watch as the weeks progress.

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