’90 Day Fiance’: Mama’s Boy Brandon Gibbs Doesn’t Plan to Play It Safe [Recap]

90 Day Fiance newbie Brandon Gibbs doesn’t plan on playing it safe when his hot Russian fiance Julia Trubkina comes to live with him on the family farm. Party boy Jovi Dufren struggles with the thought of settling down when his Ukrainian love Yara Zaya lands in New Orleans. Rebecca Parrott works as a chicken boss and prepares for Zied Hakimi to come to America. And Mike Youngquist seems less than enthusiastic when Natalie Mordovtseva phones with big news about her visa. Let’s talk about what’s old, what’s new, and who’s blue in the season 8 premiere I Think You’re My Future Wife.

When Brandon Gibbs Met Julia Trubkina on 90 Day Fiance

New to TLC this season is Brandon Gibbs. A 27-year-old pest control technician and mama’s boy. Brandon’s parents breed dogs and live on a farm. Brandon helps them out and endures his cornball parents with a good attitude. Brandon’s the spitting image of his mother with shorter hair, as seen on 90 Day Fiance.

Brandon Gibbs admits mum can be a bit controlling. And that he wasn’t a hit with the ladies in high school. His parents felt bad for him and signed him up on a dating site to meet fellow farmers. And included a picture of Brandon Gibbs with a mini goat. But Brandon had other ideas and with the help of a friend visiting Russia met a girl named Julia Trubkina – his future 90 Day Fiance.

Julia’s an unemployed go-go dancer who also boasts pageants and bodybuilding competitions on her resume. Brandon fell in love quick and told Julia Trubkina very early that she “looked like his future wife”. 90 Day Fiance‘s Brandon Gibbs visited Julia Trubkina in Russia and then proposed on a trip to Iceland five months later after she was denied a visitor’s visa.

Brandon Admits They Aren’t Playing it Safe

Now, Julia Trubkina’s heading to America so they can start the K-1 and their 90 Day Fiance journey. Brandon Gibbs’ parents admit they have their radar out as far as her intentions. They tell their son Brandon that the two must sleep in separate bedrooms out of respect. And Brandon’s mother wants to know Julia’s birth control plan.

So, his mama’s pretty shocked when Brandon Gibbs sheepishly admits there is no birth control for him and his 90 Day Fiance. Julia Trubkina doesn’t want to take medication and wrapping it up “just isn’t fun.” Mrs. Gibbs takes it upon herself to contact the local gyno and plan a consultation. Brandon Gibbs hears the conversation in the car on the way to pick Julia up at the airport.

Of course, his mother turned into a mini family vacation in Washington DC. He just keeps playing his game in the backseat like a good little boy. He admits his 90 Day Fiance Julia can be a bit Jekyll and Hyde. It seems Julia Trubkina blew up on a family trip to France. Also, Brandon hasn’t told Julia about sharing his childhood bed. So Brandon’s a little afraid. The perfect couple to segue right into TLC’s Mama’s Boy show.

Jovi Gets Ready to Settle Down With Yara on 90 Day Fiance

Jovi Dufren is a happy party animal living in New Orleans. Raised in the bayou he grew up on shrimp boats and still loves to fish. His love of the water led him to a career in underwater robotics. He has a sweet 4 week on 4 week off schedule that allows him to travel extensively for both work and fun. He met his 90 Day Fiance Yara Zaya of the Ukraine on a travel app. The two met up in Budapest and while awkward at first they hooked up and things got better.

Things were heating up for the couple and Yara found out she was pregnant. Jovi Dufren wasn’t sure how to deal with the unexpected news. After much thought he proposed on a trip to Cuba underwater. Literally. Sadly, Yara Zaya lost the baby. Now Yara is coming to the states to start the 90 Day Fiance process. Jovi visits his mother who has been googling Ukrainian girls. After reading the top hit about a Las Vegas man who got duped by a Ukrainian woman named Lana, she’s pretty concerned.

Jovi assures her that his relationship is real. His mama wonders whether he’s ready to be a husband. As do his friends who say he’ll be breaking a lot of stripper’s hearts by taking himself out of the NOLA party scene. It’s finally time for Jovi Dufren to head to the airport. He buys some flowers and heads out. Yara Zaya shows up tired and in her words, stinky, after a 30 hour flight because Jovi went cheap on Yara’s ticket. He’s ready to party and she’s ready to sleep. To be continued on 90 Day Fiance….

Rebecca Parrott And Zied Hakimi Return To 90 Day Fiance

Rebecca Parrott is a busy woman. She spends long days slinging chicken with a kick as manager of a chicken shack in Georgia. She spends her free time adding to her impressive array of ink and drinking tea out of a mug featuring her fiance  Zied Hakimi’s mug. And FaceTiming with her young Tunisian lover. We get a montage of the 90 Day Fiance couple from their previous season. Including Zied going off on a man staring at Rebecca’s bared tattooed arms in a hookah bar.

Rebecca also admits that she filtered a lot of her early pics to Zied. Now Rebecca is concerned that her previous failed marriage to a much younger Muslim man could affect Zied’s upcoming visa interview. Zied’s sister jumps on the call and despite Rebecca being friendly makes it clear she’s not down with this marriage. Especially since she found it pretty funny that Rebecca had so many exes before she met her new 90 Day Fiance.

Later Rebecca goes to her daughter Tiffany’s house for dinner. It seems she’s been so busy at the chicken shop that she forgot to find a new place since her lease is up soon. Tiffany has graciously offered to let Rebecca and Zied to move in with her and her fiance. But Zied isn’t cool with the situation since his Muslim beliefs don’t jive with his 90 Day Fiance Rebecca walking around in her jammies in front of another unmarried male. Even if it’s her daughter’s fiance. It’s gonna be a long season.

Mike Youngquist Gets a Surprise From Natalie Mordovtseva

90 Day Fiance returnee Mike Youngquist is back home on his farm in Washington state and life is good. He strolls his vast acreage with his cat riding his shoulder stopping to grab some cherries off a tree. He yuks it up with Uncle Beau about shooting elk. And relaxes later with his cat his admitted best girl. The only dark cloud above Big Mike’s head is his relationship with Natalie Mordovtseva. He was pretty broke up when she gave the ring back.

And not only that but Natalie accused Mike of cheating at the end of season tell all. But the two have been talking and trying to get past their differences. Mike Youngquist is blindsided when Natalie calls and says she got her visa. He looks like someone sucker punched him and Natalie Mordovtseva wants to now how he feels. He really isn’t so sure. But nonetheless Mike pays a visit to his longtime hairdresser to freshen up for his 90 Day Fiance.

He admits they have some major issues since she is (very) religious and he’s not (unless you count the occasional UFO worship). Natalie’s also pushing him to become a vegan and he’s so not down for that. Later, Natalie brings up another hurdle. His Uncle Beau bothers her on 90 Day Fiance. She’s uncomfortable sharing digs with an elk-killing stranger. But Mike isn’t about to kick him out since he’s family. Natalie thinks he’s joking. Recall, season previews show her hysterically crying and calling Mike a monster. Uncle Beau can stay put.

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