90 Day Fiance: Leida Attacked Sister-in-Law, Faced Police Case – Shocking New Allegations

90 Day Fiance’s Leida Margaretha faces new accusations from her ex-sister-in-law Amelia. The wife of Eric Rosenbrook allegedly attacked this woman and the physical violence led to a police case against Leida.

After the events of this season and the Tell All, Leida has her fair share of haters. Along with claiming to receive death threats, Eric Rosenbrook recently said his Indonesian bride was suicidal. Now there’s even more tea spilling on Leida – and it’s boiling hot.

90 Day Fiance: Ex-Sister-In-Law Dishes on Leida Margaretha

A series of messages paint an alarming picture of Leida’s behavior. If true, it’s even worse than what fans saw this season on 90 Day Fiance. Eric and his wife claim that the TLC show ruined their reputation. But based on these recent leaks, it sounds like her rep back in Indonesia might not have been so great either.

The woman that brought the info forward is named Amelia, and she’s reportedly the sister of Leida Margaretha’s ex-husband Daniel (Alessandro’s father). The incident in question began with an argument between Leida and Daniel. After they bickered, she wanted Amelia to go with her back to her parents’ house. Amelia refused.

Leida’s Alleged Attack on Amelia – Rage and Face Punches

Then Amelia said this happened: “the next morning she was mad at me and destroy all me belongings because she thinks all my belongings is belong to her.” The accuser also said that Leida stole money from her. Further, she alleges Leida threatened to destroy Daniel’s business if he broke up with her as her wealthy family financed the biz.

She wrote on Twitter that Leida Margaretha has “anger issues” that were on full display after an upset Amelia left the house, after her things were destroyed, and went to her aunt’s. She alleges that Leida tracked her down and came at her “screaming because I talk back to her”.

Then Amelia said that she got “really mad” and “hit me and punch me in my face and my head at the same time”. She says she was also kicked. Most hair-raising of all, she says the 90 Day Fiance yelled “you should die!!” during the alleged physical assault.

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Read Shocking Abuse Claims About Leida

Amelia provided photos (you can see in the slide show above) along with the messages to prove that she and Leida were close including photos of her with the 90 Day Fiance, Leida Margaretha, and little baby Alessandro. Her ex-sister-in-law says she filed charges on her for the attack.

Then, Leida reportedly worked overtime to get her to drop them. She says that Daniel and Leida took her to Bali three days later and said she was trying to “manipulate me to drop the case”.  She said she gave in because she was “stupid and innocent” and dropped the charges. But then things got ugly again.

Another Argument Over a Messy Room

90 Day Fiance viewers saw Leida Margaretha raging over Tasha Rosebrook’s messy room during the season and on the Tell All. Amelia’s story aligns to this behavior. She wrote that a few days after she dropped the case, that she screamed at her for not helping her clean. She said she banged her door and violated her privacy.

That sounds a lot like what Tasha was saying happened to her. Is this a pattern of behavior? Amelia also rattled off a list of other alleged sins saying Leida lied about a celebrity singing at her wedding, about owning pricey goods, and also gives her friends expensive gifts then blackmails and threatens to take back the stuff if they anger her.


Exposing the 90 Day Fiance – Is Leida Dangerous?

Leida Margaretha’s former sister-in-law says that there are medical records, a police report on the assault, and even a video. However, she claims that she didn’t want to expose the 90 Day Fiance and fuel gossip during the season of the show. Amelia also said she’s moved on from it and doesn’t want to dwell on it.

Eric’s ex-wife Tania Rosenbrook recently revealed that Eric believes his new wife is his last shot at love. That might explain why he was quick to throw daughter Tasha Rosenbrook under the bus (and out of the apartment). This new information prompts concerns. If the accusations are true, the altercation with Tasha had the potential to get much nastier.

Amelia shared details and photos to substantiate the allegations. It will be interesting to see if she releases the video. This also begs the question of what happened behind the scenes when the 90 Day Fiance cameras weren’t rolling. It seems the tea on Leida Margaretha never stops flowing!

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