’90 Day Fiance’: Leida Pregnant and Considering Divorce from Eric Rosenbrook?

90 Day Fiance’s Leida Margaretha may be pregnant with Eric Rosenbrook‘s child if the latest leaks prove true. Further, reports suggest that she may be considering divorce from the Baraboo Marine. Add this to the scathing claims Eric’s ex-wife Tania Rosenbrook recently made about him. The 90 Day Fiance couple have a laundry list of scandals and allegations heading into the Tell All Sunday on TLC. What’s the latest?

90 Day Fiance: Leida Margaretha Pregnant?

A leak obtained by Soap Dirt shows 90 Day Fiance Leida Margaretha venting to a private online group. The leak suggests that Eric Rosenbrook continues to blame social media for the way he and his wife are portrayed. The screenshots we saw also show him upset with his daughters and his ex-wife Tania.

Eric’s daughters and also his ex-wife revealed some scathing details about him in the last few weeks. The leak claims that he fears losing custody of his youngest daughter Jennica as a result. Further, the leak allegedly shows Leida Margaretha saying that Eric is too occupied with everything that’s going on to even care that she’s pregnant.

If this pregnancy rumor is true, it’s huge! Leida Margaretha is adamant about not wanting to go back to Indonesia. A baby would be a way to gain another foothold to stay in America. With everything going on with Eric Rosenbrook’s family and his claim that 90 Day Fiance ruined his reputation, this latest development is even juicier (if true). In addition, the leak suggests that he is going to “put Leida back on a boat” to Indonesia if he loses custody of Jennica Rosenbrook. The plot thickens.


90 Day Fiance: Divorce Talk for Leida And Eric Rosenbrook?

If these leaks are true, it certainly looks like there’s trouble in paradise for the 90 Day Fiance couple. The leak from an inside source also suggests that Leida wants to take legal action and file a restraining order against Tasha and Tania Rosenbrook. Further, the info we were sent says Eric and Leida are consulting an immigration lawyer. It seems that they want to know if taking legal action against his family will hurt her green card chances.

The leaked info also said Leida is pushing to call Child Protective Services but 90 Day Fiance Eric Rosenbrook is against going this route. This could negatively affect his custody of youngest daughter Jennica. It seems that this is causing a huge rift between Eric and Leida. His concern with custody of Jennica could be rubbing Leida the wrong way. Perhaps she sees this as a betrayal.

As we saw on the show, she’s insistent that she must be her husband’s top priority. It will be interesting to see if these legal woes cause a further rift in their marriage. If this insider info is to be believed, they’re definitely feeling the heat on account of what Eric’s family have gone on record to reveal. Not only that but whether or not Leida is pregnant will allegedly affect whether she talks to a divorce attorney about making a split official.

The Inside Scoop on 90 Day Fiance – Leida and Eric

His daughter and ex-wife Tania dished about Eric Rosenbrook to YouTube’s Auntie’s Advice. Allegedly, this led to retaliation against Auntie with Eric (or someone close to him) calling Auntie’s employer to possibly get her fired. Soap Dirt was first to report on this and other purported doxing activities by the pair.

The tea is definitely boiling right now. Soap Dirt will keep you informed on the inside scoop as sources continue to offer us information on what these two are doing in the shadowy corners of social media. Meanwhile, catch the all-new 90 Day Fiance Tell All Part One Sunday at 8:00 pm only on TLC.

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