’90 Day Fiance’: Leida and Eric Rosenbrook – Where Are They Now?

90 Day Fiance’s Eric Rosenbrook and wife Leida Margaretha have been out of the spotlight for quite some time now. Their relationship on the show was arguably one of the nastiest in the TLC show’s history. Fans assumed that they would call it quits, especially after Leida arrived in America and the drama reached new heights. So, where are Eric and Leida now?

90 Day Fiance: Leida Margaretha & Eric Rosenbrook’s Love Story

40-year-old Eric Rosenbrook was divorced with three kids when he met Leida Margaretha on an international dating platform. It was a typical 90 Day Fiance beginning. Although he had given up on love, avionics technician Eric immediately hit it off with the 29-year-old Indonesian woman. Leida claimed to come from a wealthy family and was a model, actress and teacher. She was a single parent to a little boy.

They had a decent amount in common and their initial dating phase proved that they really liked each other. So, they decided to get together which is where their 90 Day Fiance story begins. Yet, it quickly went downhill from there when Leida moved to America and into Eric’s apartment.

Leida’s Distaste For Eric’s Home

Thinking that Leida Margaretha and her young son would mesh nicely into Eric Rosenbrook’s life and the apartment was wishful thinking. It was immediate that things were going to be hard for the 90 Day Fiance couple. Mostly because of Eric’s daughter, Tasha, who happened to be living with her father at the time Leida made the move to the US.

It was really the tension between the two females that really caused most of the trouble on 90 Day Fiance. It was the stem for arguments between everyone in the house and at one point, restraining orders were being handed out like candy on Halloween. Luckily, Eric and Leida managed to overcome all of their obstacles.

90 Day Fiance: Leida Margaretha

90 Day Fiance Update: Eric Rosenbrook & Leida Margaretha – Where Are They Now?

Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha are still together to this day, so something had to have worked out for them. Yet, we haven’t heard much from the couple since their latest TLC appearance a while ago.

It doesn’t seem like they’re too interested in pursuing any more reality television anymore (at least at the moment). Leida is busy raising her son and doing her cosplaying. Meanwhile, Eric is working hard at his job to support his family.

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