’90 Day Fiance’ Larissa Stuck: No Green Card, No Money – Cast Salaries Explain Leida’s Woes?

It looks like 90 Day Fiance star Larrisa Christina and her foreign castmates won’t earn any money from this TLC gig. Reports indicate the show follows stipulations, which include no pay without a green card. So without any money of her own, it appeared Larissa was stuck during her recent arrest when it came time to bail her out of jail.

90 Day Fiance – Cast Get Sad-Looking Salaries?

The amount of salary paid to the American cast members might also explain a few things. Starting with Eric Rosenbrook not buying Leida Margaretha all the things she wanted during the 90 Day Fiance season.

It may also explain Colt Johnson’s insistence that he spent his money on Larissa Christina. As well as Ashley Martson’s remarks about spending her own money on Jay Smith.

Larissa Finds a Way?

Viewers of the show stepped in to help get Larrisa Christina out of jail last week. Larissa hopped online over the weekend with a smile and words of praise for her fans.

The Brazilian beauty thanked her fans for the GoFundMe money. She said her plans were to use it to pay back a friend after she borrowed money to get out of jail. The money grew to more than Larissa Christina needed to cover the bail money that she borrowed.

So she thought she’d use the extra cash for another bill she recently racked up – her legal fees. Larissa planned to pay her attorney fees with the left-over money as well. Colt refused to bail his wife out of jail so she needed to fend for herself.

Larissa Stuck Without Money of Her Own

Then Larissa Christina appeared online again. This time tears streamed from her eyes during an online in a video she posted over the weekend. She just learned her GoFundMe account was shut down with all the money returned to the fans who donated.

Internet trolls falsely reported the account as fraudulent, Larissa Christina lost all that money. Once again she was back in the same boat. So how does this happen after months of appearing on a popular show?

Money Woes – Leida Margaretha Furniture

When the couples sat down for the final “Tell All” episode on 90 Days Fiance on last night the fur flew. With that said it looks like TLC is getting all this entertainment for next to nothing. It’s surprising what the cast from the US make for salary.

Considering 90 Day Fiance is the number one cable TV show on Sunday night, the cast salaries pale in comparison to other reality shows. Reports put Bethenny Frankel raking in $1.5 million just for Bravo’s Housewives franchise show back in 2016. The veteran Orange County Housewives reportedly made $700,000 per season this year.

The low salary offered by TLC could explain Larissa’s money woes throughout the season. It also might explain why Leida Margaretha didn’t get her furniture in earlier episodes.

Cast Salaries and Lack of Cast Salaries

90 Day Fiance executive producer Matt Sharp explained: “The Americans do receive a customary appearance fee.” But he didn’t give an amount for that “customary fee.” Sharp also said, “Someone who is an international, that would be illegal to pay someone. They would have to have a green card, which they do not.”

TLC offers no official word on salaries but several different reports indicate the US cast members get about $1000 per episode. One source of this report is Chris Thieneman and his wife Nikki Cooper.

Friends and Family on Show Don’t Get Paid?

Chris is David Toborowsky’s best friend and Chris and his wife, Nikki, appeared on a previous 90 Day Fiance season with David. Much like other reports regarding friends and family members who appear on the show, they didn’t make a dime.

According to Nikki, cast members make $1,000 per episode and $2,500 to appear on the Tell-All special.

Work Hours Long and Grueling

The TLC show’s cameras roll for the entire time that the 90 day K1 visa covers. Jesse Meester from the last season, Before the 90 Days, said they film for up to 12-hours a day.

It sounds like all the 90 Day Fiance couples, along with any family and friends involved, offer all this entertainment for $1000 a week. Does this explain why both Leida Margaretha and Larissa Christina got shot down while furniture shopping? Larissa’s day out with Debbie Johnson centered on the money Colt and his mother held on to. It wasn’t hers to spend. You can see that scene in the video below.

Divorce Rate Rises?

Before 90 Day Fiance aired this latest season, Sharpe said the divorce rate for the couples on the show sits at 10 percent. This is way under the national average of 40 percent.

Will two more couples add to the show’s divorce rate? Colt Johnson filed divorce papers. He’s divorcing his wife Larissa Christina. Reports suggest Ashley Martson and her husband Jay Smith might also end in divorce.

Another 90 Day Fiance franchise season airs this spring on TLC. Check back with Soap Dirt for more 90 Day Fiance latest spoilers and news.