90 Day Fiance: Larissa’s GoFundMe Taken Down For Fraud – Brazilian Begs Fans For Money Again

90 Day Fiance star Larissa Christina, Colt Johnson‘s wife, is not getting a dollar from her recent GoFundMe proceeds. The Brazilian beauty just announced in her Instagram Live that the fundraiser for her bail and legal fees started by her friend Carmen was taken down by the site.

With no other source of fund and an impending divorce from Colt Johnson, many are wondering what Larissa’s next move will be. It seems like the worse is yet to come for the troubled reality star.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Christina Says Trolls Reported Her GoFundMe As Fraud

Just a day after she got out of jail, Larissa Christina returned to social media as emotional as ever. She revealed that her GoFundMe campaign was axed, much to everyone’s surprise. The 90 Day Fiance star initially planned to thank all donors but ended up with a tearful update as you can see below.

No Cash for Lawyer Fees – Larissa Christina Desperate

In her post, Colt Johnson’s soon-to-be ex-wife revealed that the fundraiser for her bail and legal expenses was taken down by the crowdfunding platform. The 90 Day Fiance cast member claimed that several online trolls reported her account as fraudulent.

Larissa Christina said she will not be getting any money from her GoFundMe, which exceeded its target amount in just two days. The reality star added that all donors will receive a refund from the platform. But she says she still needs the money.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Christina - Zelle

Larissa Tearfully Pleads For New Donations

Despite her GoFundMe fundraiser take-down, Larissa Christina is still not giving up. The 90 Day Fiance continues to seek help from the public, this time, using other methods. In the same video, Larissa pleads with her fans to make new donations. Instead of setting up a new GoFundMe campaign, she turned to Zelle.

She reiterated that she desperately needs the money for her legal expenses “and medical” as well as a fresh start away from Colt Johnson. Larissa also pointed out that she is still prohibited from working in the country because of her K-1 visa status. Larissa included her Zelle info. This way, donated funds go straight to her with no delays.

She also posted another video accusing TLC of frauding and making her behave outrageously and out of character (watch below).

Why Was Larissa’s GoFundMe Taken Down?

The unexpected shutdown of Larissa Christina’s GoFundMe campaign shocked her fans. The 90 Day Fiance star resorted to the crowdfunding platform when Colt Johnson refused to bail her out after her third arrest for the charge of domestic battery.

But why take it down? Although Larissa did not disclose specifics, there are some theories out there. For one, there have been a number of fake GoFundMe accounts using 90 Day Fiance stars’ names. These include Ashley Martson, Jay Smith, Olga Koshimbetova, and of course, Larissa Christina.

So the platform might have used an abundance of caution when they ended it and refunded donations. Others were quick to assume that Colt Johnson might be one of those who reported it, suggesting that he will benefit the most if Larissa was left with no source of money.

Larissa Violated GFM Policy With Domestic Violence Arrests?

Another theory is that 90 Day Fiance Larissa Christina might have violated GoFundMe’s terms. According to its guidelines, a person should not use the services for campaigns to support of legal defense costs for alleged criminal activity. The site specified hate crimes, bullying, harassment and discrimination among others.

Larissa’s arrest for domestic battery a ground for the cancellation of her fundraiser? Since her campaign was to defend her from domestic violence charges, the platform might have red-flagged it for this reason. Or she may just be a victim of online haters. Nobody knows for sure.

90 Day Fiance Cast Weighs In On The Issue

Meanwhile, other 90 Day Fiance case members shared their thoughts on Larissa Christina’s situation. While some were empathetic, others have conflicting views about it. Anfisa Nava was one of the TLC personalities who showed support for Larissa.

In her post, Anfisa claimed she “always felt a connection with Larissa” because of the similarities they went through in a relationship. She also called Colt Johnson a “gaslighter” describing his actions as “disgusting”.


Ashley Worried About Mother Debbie J

Ashley Martson, on the other hand, expressed her concern not only for Colt and Larissa but mother Debbie as well. She even asked fans to pray for the family during such trying times.

But former 90 Day Fiance stars Jon Walters and wife Rachel Bear Walters seem to have a different opinion. The couple watched Larissa’s Instagram Live and shared their thoughts on the issue telling her to pack her bags and head back to Brazil (see below).

90 Day Fiance - Larissa Christina - GoFundMe

Jon and Rachel Walters Tell Larissa to Leave the US

Former 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days pair Jon Walters and Rachel Bear Walters suggested that Larissa Christina should just go back home now that her marriage with Colt Johnson is over.

Jon wrote that she is “only in the USA for one reason to get married” and said since it didn’t turn out well, “why don’t you just call it a day and go home?” Rachel added that would be a better solution than what she’s doing now.

Did you donate to Larissa Christina’s shut down GoFundMe? If so, you should get your money back soon but will you donate again to help the 90 Day Fiance with her financial issues?

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