90 Day Fiance: Colt Files To Divorce Larissa – Will She Be Deported?

90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson filed for divorce from Larissa Christina. The 33-year-old software engineer filed a divorce petition from his Brazilian wife, six months after they tied the knot. The LVPD arrested Larissa and he filed the same day. She bonded out for a third time for domestic violence against him. It seems this time he’s not defending her and is looking to cut ties.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Christina Arrested For The Third Time

On Thursday night, Larissa Christina and Colt Johnson got into an explosive fight which resulted in an arrest and domestic battery charges. The 90 Day Fiance couple both sustained facial injuries after a heated argument turned violent.

Larissa posted the aftermath of the bloody altercation. In frantic videos, the reality star claimed Colt assaulted her after she confronted him over his porn addiction. She even shared proof that her husband is into buying X-rated videos online and has also accused him of cheating.

90 Day Fiance: Larissa Christina

LVPD Comes to Vegas Home – Larissa Christina Arrested Again

The Las Vegas police showed up to the scene following the 90 Day Fiance couple’s fight. Larissa took off to her friend Carmen’s house. Once police took the accounts of both parties and examined the physical injuries on both Colt and Larissa, they decided Larissa was the aggressor and arrested her.

The police determined Larissa’s injuries, particularly scratches on her torso, were likely self-inflicted. Colt Johnson apparently has short nails he bites chronically so they don’t think he could have scratched her like that while his wife has very long nails.

Based on that evidence and Larissa’s prior arrests, authorities determined that she was the one at fault for the incident. She was arrested for domestic battery — her third time for the same offense. She will face the same judge in Las Vegas justice court she did for the other two charges.

Colt Johnson Files For Divorce From Larissa Shortly After Arrest

Shortly after Larissa Christina’s arrest, Colt Johnson filed for divorce. Colt filed divorce on Friday, January 11, the same day his 90 Day Fiance was arrested and jailed

Of interest, as you can see in the above details from the court, is that his loyal mother Debbie Johnson paid for the divorce filing and may have been the one to take the papers to the court for her son. As een on the TLC show, she and Larissa Christina were often at odds.

The case lists no lawyers but that will probably change soon. Divorce cases can resolve within four to six weeks in Nevada. The outcome of this case could affect what happens with Larissa’s K1 visa and residency status in the US.


Larissa Plays Victim For A Green Card Despite Divorce?

With Larissa Christina’s latest domestic violence arrest, many are wondering if she is playing victim to get a green card despite an impending divorce. In the US, a foreign spouse can still pursue a green card after divorce under specific circumstances. One exception includes being in an abusive relationship.

She claims she was “tortured” by Colt multiple times and that he abused her physically and emotionally. However, she’s the one who always ends up getting arrested, not Colt. So, this might be hard to plea to immigration authorities, but we’ll update as details emerge.

The repeated arrests won’t do her any favors, even though Colt Johnson didn’t press charges the first two times. Colt vowed to follow through this time in an Insta post that’s now deleted. Will Larissa Christina face deportation? Will Colt back down off the divorce or follow through with the split? Come back soon for the latest updates on this breaking story.

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