90 Day Fiance: Larissa’s Mugshot – Colt Johnson’s Wife Says They Are “Trying to Heal”

90 Day Fiance updates reveal the Larissa Christina mugshot and Colt Johnson updates his social media status to support his wife. Police arrested Christina Dos Santos Lima, her full name, on Saturday, November 10 in Las Vegas.

Larissa was out of jail by November 12, as Soap Dirt reported and was back on Instagram. Now things are shifting on social media again for Larissa and Colt Johnson and we have the latest update for you on the messy 90 Day Fiance pair, along with Larissa’s mugshot.

Larissa Mugshot: How She Wound Up in Jail – Still Unconfirmed

When the 90 Day Fiance drama began this weekend, Larissa changed her name on Instagram to a literal cry for help. She hid in the bathroom and implied Colt Johnson was hurting her. Larissa put a video in her Insta Story of flowers on the floor and a shelf overturned and said she wanted Colt’s fans to know the truth about him.

Larissa Christina freaked over women flirting online with Colt, say some TLC sources. She was also upset that he doesn’t post enough images of her on his social accounts. On her own IG, Larissa posts a ton of selfies but it could be Colt Johnson shooting the pics and videos since he’s a skilled photographer. Whatever set her off, Larissa wound up in handcuffs on Saturday.

The slideshow below is a summary of the action from crushed flowers to changing Instagram status.

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Larissa Social Media Set Back to Private

When Vegas PD released Larissa Dos Santos Lima from jail after taking her mugshot and booking her, her bail was paid and she got right back on social media. Then she made her profile public and shared an image thanking fans. At that time her profile listed her as a “survivor”. Later, she deleted that and changed her status back to private. Her video to fans made it clear she’s sticking with her husband and they’re trying to work out their issues.

Larissa - Mugshot - 90 Day Fiance
90 Day Fiance: Larissa’s Mugshot

Larissa said: “I need time to heal my relationship with Colt. It’s fragile now. I love him. He loves me. So, we’ll try to manage all this situation”.

On his Instagram, Colt Johnson shared a throwback photo of happier times and changed his profile name to “Coltee”. As 90 Day Fiance fans know, that’s how Larissa Christina pronounces his name. She posted the video below addressing fans and updating them on her relationship status. Certainly, both are now presenting a united front.

90 Day Fiance Addressed Events on After-Show

TLC aired an after show in the hours after the last 90 Day Fiance episode. Host Michelle Collins mentioned the events but said they wouldn’t discuss them because it was an ongoing legal case. However, as we reported, this is Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s second domestic violence arrest. The LVPD jailed her back in June for similar charges. Those were dropped not long before this second arrest.

TLC filmed scenes in the court after her first arrest, says a behind-the-scenes source meaning we should see some of the courtroom drama on 90 Day Fiance soon. Sharp Entertainment, the company that makes the show, filed to get back into the court for this latest arrest too, so that might be part of the Tell All episode since this season episodes are done filming.

For now, Colt Johnson and wife Larissa are both at home. She filmed the video (see above) in their bedroom – you can tell by the decor. That means there’s not a restraining order against her or Colt has moved out and is letting her stay there. There will be more updates as this story unfolds. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Larissa confirms she has left behind children in Brazil.

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