’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Body Shamed by Fernanda and Ashley – Mean Girls Vibe Backstage

90 Day Fiance star Larissa Christina was the victim of body shaming and also dealt with some serious hate from Fernanda Flores and Ashley Martson. This happened both onstage and off during Sunday’s Tell All episode. But when the cameras captured Ashley and Fernanda backstage, their comments appeared to rev up to a Mean Girls level and left many viewers floored.

90 Day Fiance – Couples Rev Up Against Larissa Christina

Instead of the cast sticking together on this reality show, two of the women verbally turned on Larissa. This happened even before she was anywhere near the building. The five other couples waited for Colt Johnson and his bride, Larissa Christina to arrive. It turned out that they were late getting to the show.

While the rest of the couples waited backstage, they seemed ready to gang-up on Larissa Christina when she arrived. It started with the co-stars poking fun at some at Larissa. They honed in on some of the things she did on this season’s 90 Day Fiance. Even the quiet and usually reserved Asuelu Pulaa took a verbal swing at Colt’s bride.

Asuelu made fun of her behavior when she first landed in the US. Larissa was upset that Colt didn’t meet her at the airport with flowers at the time. Asuelu did a little skit about presenting Larissa with flowers, apparently to poke fun at her. This happened long before Larissa and Colt arrived.

Colt Johnson and Larissa Arrive on stage

Once Colt and Larissa came out on stage, the fur started to fly. One of the women who went after Larissa was Fernanda Flores. She made fun of Larissa’s accent, mocking her for the way she pronounced a word. This may seem odd considering Fernanda also has an accent.

Granted the two women are from different countries and both speak English. But both of them do have an accent.

Ashley Martson and Fernanda Flores Body-Shame Larissa

Fernanda Flores also mentioned that she thinks Larissa wants to be a model. That’s when she also added that Larissa doesn’t have a model’s body and is too old. The comment apparently pushed the body-shaming button in Ashley Martson.

This is something fans have seen Ashley do previously on 90 Day Fiance. She had something to say about a girl’s body when she discovered Jay talking to the woman. Well, those same type of body-shaming comments emerged from Ashley last night.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…

Jonathan Rivera recently complained via Instagram that Fernanda wanted him to change his life and follow her around as she attempted modeling.

She didn’t succeed when she left him to go do this. This is the same woman who shot Larissa down because she believed she didn’t have what it takes to be a model.

Larissa’s Quest to Look ‘Sexy’

Viewers saw glimpses of Larissa Christina attempting to pick out an outfit last night. She didn’t have any luck with the dresses offered to her by 90 Day Fiance wardrobe. She wasn’t happy because she felt the choices made her look like an “old woman.”

Larissa said to Colt she wanted to look “sexier than the bi**hes on stage.” The Brazilian beauty knew some tough moments were in store for her once she stepped out on the stage. It also looks like TLC might have set them up by having them come late to the show.

Green Card Envy?

Fernanda also bashed Larissa during a scene in the car. She said that Larissa was only here for a green card. That seemed a bit ironic coming from someone that is also in America on a K1 visa. The same type of green card questions cropped up about Fernanda during the 90 Day Fiance season.

That old adage of “the pot calling the kettle black” is showing up as memes on social media sites with Fernanda’s image. Fernanda and Ashley both demonstrated jealousy during the 90 Day Fiance season on the show. The only difference for Ashley and Fernanda when it came to their bouts of anger – they didn’t get arrested. Unlike their spouses, Colt called the police on Larissa Christina. As it turns out, Colt now regrets doing that.

Jealous Behavior But Only One Arrest

Both Ashley and Fernanda called Larissa names suggesting she was crazy for her antics. Yet Fernanda Flores demonstrated the same type of behaviors on the TLC show.

90 Day Fiance viewers saw Jonathan Rivera scold Fernanda’s abusive behavior at a nightclub. Her jealousy became physical with another woman at the club. Jonathan warned Fernanda that she could have landed behind bars for that behavior. He also said it could damage her chance at a green card.

It seemed as if Larissa’s co-stars bashed her for the same type of behaviors that these ladies previously exhibited themselves on the show. Tune in on Sunday night for Tell All Part 2.

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