’90 Day Fiance’: Jay Smith Finally Out of Jail – Tattoo Boss Bailed Him Out

90 Day Fiance‘s Jay Smith is finally out of ICE custody. Ashley Martson’s ex-husband has been behind bars since early July. For weeks now, the question on 90 Day Fiance fans’ minds has been whether or not he would be released. In addition, there’s also the possibility of deportation hanging over the young man’s head. What’s the latest on his release?

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith Finally Released

Due to the back and forth claims online, there has been a lot of confusion surrounding Jay Smith’s current status. Just a few days ago, his sister Ornella Raine “Poochie” Smith finally put the rumors to rest. Jay Smith’s sibling said he’s still in custody and awaiting a hearing. Prior to this there were conflicting claims regarding his current custody situation.

Now, the latest tea comes from Jay Smith’s employer. His boss provided proof of bailing Jay Smith out by posting a picture of the bail check – along with the total cost. Soap Dirt confirmed with Immigration and Customs Enforcement that Jay Smith has been released.

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith Bail Check

There’s also a pic of Jay out of jail and with his boss that was posted. This is the first current pic of the 90 Day Fiance alum since his detainment. His boss updated Instagram with this latest snap. In it, Jay Smith is clearly no longer behind bars.

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith - Out Of Jail Fist Pic

90 Day Fiance: Will ICE Deport Jay?

Another ongoing topic in the last few weeks has been Jay Smith’s status in the United States. The threat of deportation has been looming over his head for some time now. His friend Kayla O’Brien started a GoFundMe to help with legal expenses. The woman said the funds would go toward the fight to keep Jay in America. Meanwhile, Ashley Martson claims that Kayla is pregnant with Jay’s baby.

Based on what his sister revealed, it looks like Jay Smith will have to wait for his court hearing to determine whether or not he can stay in America. But, Jay Smith no longer in custody is likely a good sign. There were concerns he could be on a plane back to his home country at any moment.

His Instagram page only has three posts. The last update was at the beginning of July. And, none of the current updates on his profile are from Jay directly. This led some 90 Day Fiance watchers to believe he was already shipped back to the Caribbean country. But, based on these recent updates, the 90 Day Fiance celeb isn’t in Jamaica yet.


What Happens Now?

Jay’s sister Poochie Smith has been one of his biggest supporters throughout this entire ordeal. She spilled boiling hot tea on Ashley Martson all over social media when news of her brother’s arrest first broke. Since that time, she has been posting updates on her brother’s status and keeping 90 Day Fiance followers in the loop.

She too confirmed that her younger sibling would be released from custody soon. She posted an update on IG with her daughter. The caption reads: “Can’t wait to see uncle jay”. In addition, she reiterated the message she has been trying to convey to her sibling all along – to stay strong. She concluded her post thanking God, and saying the “wicked” never win.

Jay Smith still has his upcoming hearing to contend with. He isn’t out of the woods yet regarding his legal status to remain in America. But, at least for now, it looks like he is out of custody. Check back for more on this ongoing story.

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