’90 Day Fiance’: Ashley Claims Jay Sets Up Barbershop Guy to Flirt With Her

90 Day Fiance alum Ashley Martson and Jay Smith‘s barbershop scene is undoubtedly one of the most controversial moments on the show. But things are about to get even more intriguing with her latest bombshell revelations. The TLC celeb finally addressed her ex-husband’s claims that she had been texting one of the guys from the barbershop. Those were the same guys who ratted out Jay Smith’s dirty deeds at the bathroom.

90 Day Fiance Update: Ashley Martson Denies Fling With Jay Smith’s Friend At The Barbershop

Looks like Ashley Martson has had enough of Jay Smith linking her to one of his former barbershop friends. The 90 Day Fiance star broke her silence about the issue, months after her cringe-worthy scene with them. In a recent interview with InTouchWeekly, Ashley flat out denied that she has been flirting with Jay’s friend from the barbershop named Michael.

Ashley Martson explained that Michael’s girlfriend at that time is actually her close friend. She reiterated that there was no texting going on between the two of them. However, the blonde 90 Day Fiance star did admit that the owner of the barbershop, Kendell, was the one who texted her. He’s the same man who showed her a video of her husband Jay being dragged out of the establishment.

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Ashley Says It’s A Setup From Jay Smith

The former 90 Day Fiance cast member, Ashley Martson, clarified that Kendell sent her messages, which she described as “inappropriate”. Ashley goes on to reveal that the incident happened three months after Jay Smith arrived in the country. It was also around the same time when he worked as a tattoo artist at the barbershop.

Ashley Martson added that she told Jay about Kendell’s text messages. Ashley pointed out Jay as the mastermind of it all. Apparently, the same men from the barbershop told her that the texting was Jay Smith’s idea. “I was told though that Jay set that up to see if I would fall for it,” Ashley maintained. “That’s what the barbershop guys had me aware of later down the road”.


90 Day Fiance: Ashley Says Jay’s Dirty Deeds At Barbershop Bathroom Wasn’t The Only One

Fans of 90 Day Fiance will definitely remember the moment when Ashley Martson discovered Jay Smith’s sex in the barbershop’s bathroom. Now, it seemed like there’s more to it than what viewers saw on TV. In the same interview, Ashley alleged that Jay messed up with at least six different women.

She insisted that Jay “was doing a lot of stuff that wasn’t shown on the show”. Ashley claimed some of the video footage taken from the barbershop was not aired on the show because it was too much for television. She implied that her husband was doing something extremely inappropriate while at work. Apparently, that’s one of the reasons why the barbershop guys decided it’s time to let Ashley Martson know about her husband’s infidelity.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Martson Setup Jay Smith Too?

This is not the first time Ashley Martson and her hubby Jay Smith accused each other of a setup. Previously, Jay’s sister Poochie alleged that Ashley setup the 90 Day Fiance barbershop episode. Poochie claimed that Ashley called her and confirmed that it was all made up to spice up their storyline.

Apparently, Jay was in the dark about the plan and fell for it. He ended up having sex with the mystery girl. “[Ashley] called me right after telling me that the show set it up,” Poochie wrote in an Instagram post. “And Jay was so f****** horny and stupid and fell right in the trap!”

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