’90 Day Fiance’: Jay’s Girl Kayla Picks Him Up From Jail With Big Kiss

90 Day Fiance’s Jay Smith had a sweet surprise waiting when he left ICE custody today. His girlfriend (according to his ex Ashley Martson) Kayla O’Brien was waiting for Jay with a big kiss. She picked him up from jail after his Ego Ink boss bailed him out. Ashley Martson’s fresh off an interview claiming his new girl’s pregnant while neither Jay nor Kayla confirmed.

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith Girlfriend Stayed Loyal During Jail Stint – Kayla O’Brien

What’s clear is that Jay’s new lady friend Kayla is standing by him loyally – unlike Ashley Martson. His 90 Day Fiance wife Ashley was the one that called the police to take him into police custody. As seen on clips on the recent Tell All, Ashley tried to call the police on him for cheating on her. Ashley did phone the police after she manhandled him and threw him out of their house.

Jealous 90 Day Fiance blond Ashley seems to be using the police to deal with her relationship problems instead of leaving them to pursue criminals. No doubt, Jay Smith wasn’t true to her but inviting the police to pick up your spouse for infidelity’s pretty extreme. However, it was for violating a PFA protection order that got Jay Smith jailed – all over a social media post threatening to out her antics and dark secrets.

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith - Kayla O'Brien

Sister Poochie Shares Pic of Jay With Kayla O’Brien

The above pic is of Kayla with Jay Smith fresh out of jail. Raine Smith (AKA Poochie), Jay’s sister, has been alerting followers all day that her brother would be out of ICE custody today. 90 Day Fiance ex Ashley also made a post on Instagram today (see below) and told people to go to his IG instead of bugging her for updates on him.

Jay’s boss at Ego Ink, Daryl Bingaman, posted a check with the caption that he was bailing Jay out today. And it looks like Daryl and some other pals were outside the jail. They filmed Kayla running up to greet her man and screaming in joy that he’s out of custody at last.

Jay Smith’s been in jail for almost a month. You can see the video below of the 90 Day Fiance star and his girlfriend’s reunion. She later posted “My f**king baby, so happy, so grateful,” with a the video of his release.

90 Day Fiance: Jay Smith - Ashley Martson

Kayla O’Brien Ran Go Fund Me And Was There to Pick Up Her Man

It seems that Kayla was serious about the 90 Day Fiance cast member for a while judging by her social media shares of him dancing around her place and hanging out happily. But that was before Ashley had him jailed for suggesting he’d out her dirty laundry despite the judge’s social media gag order. But after Ashley jailed him, Kayla started a Go Fund Me.

Jay’s gal set up the GFM to help the 90 Day Fiance celeb with his fight to stay in the country and deal with his immigration issues. She quickly came close to meeting her goal to help Jay Smith’s cause. And his Ego Ink employer put up the bail. While Jay’s barbershop boss turned on him during the Happily Ever After season and on the Tell All.

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90 Day Fiance Star Reunited With Girlfriend Kayla

During all this drama prior to his arrest and on the Happily Ever After Tell-All, Jay Smith admits cheating on his wife Ashley Martson but said there’s more to the story. However, he held back from spilling the tea. Jay’s sister Raine, however, did not. She’s leveled accusations that Ashley Martson has a sugar daddy that she kept seeing while she was married to Jay.

Now, though, Jay Smith seems to be solidly in a new relationship with someone his own age. So, maybe this is the real deal. Wait and see as he’ll still have to face the ICE immigration issues. For now, he’s in Kayla O’Brien’s arms and out of jail but there’s more to come so stay tuned.

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