’90 Day Fiance’: Fans Troll Jesse Meester for Coronavirus Travel Joke Post – Compared to Tom Brooks

90 Day Fiance alum Jesse Meester faced fraud accusations online comparing him to Tom Brooks. Darcey’s ex, Tom Brooks, was recently caught posting fake travel pictures and now fans are accusing Jesse of doing the same.

But, it looks like Jesse Meester made a joke that many 90 Day Fiance fans misunderstood. Some called out Jesse for posting a “stolen” travel photo. Later, he deleted it because followers were accusing him of playing a Tom Brooks’ style of the fake-flexing game. He was being funny (or trying to) and people misread the tone.

90 Day Fiance: Jesse Meester Coronavirus Post Backfires

Jesse is a confirmed world traveler. He frequently posts images and pictures of the places he’s been. Many times alongside fans that confirm his travels.

Looks like Jesse Meester’s fear of coronavirus, the latest health global threat, stirred up trouble on social media. The 90 Day Fiance celeb’s latest trip was supposed to be to Shanghai, China. But plans changed due to the contagious disease. In fact, many airlines like Delta have cancelled all trips to and from China. So, there was a chance Jesse could have been stranded in China if he went.

Everything was fine for 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days‘ celeb Jesse Meester until he made an Instagram post meant to be a joke. He posted a picture of a flight filled with people in hazmat suits and wrote “So far so good, should I get a facemask?”

He even made a humorous remark about it, saying, “Can somebody please wake me up when #coronavirus is over?”

However, post triggered chatter that Jesse was frauding on Instagram from 90 Day Fiance followers that didn’t get his humor. Trolls missed the mark and said that Jesse was faking a picture of himself on a trip to China.  Everyone that follows Jesse, knows he cancelled his trip to China and made plans to go to Paris France instead.

See the now-deleted post below.

90 Day Fiance: Jesse Meester

Jesse Accused of Sharing Stolen Pic on Instagram – It’s a Joke People…

In a now-deleted post, 90 Day Fiance celebrity Jesse Meester shared a photo of what appeared to be a plane’s cabin joking whether he should also get a face mask. Many were quick to turn the joke around and say that Jesse must be claiming that he was actually on board the airplane. But he was making a light-heated post like many others.  Since the time he made his post, the virus has become more wide-spread. Whereas days ago there were many tweets and other posts making jokes about the virus, those are now few and far between.

But you can still find them. For instance, Ronnie Stanley from the San Francisco 49ers also made a coronavirus airplane post with some humor. He posted a video of a plane full of people cheering for the Super Bowl and wrote that it’s people cheering that no one on the flight with the virus.

Just like Stanley’s post, Jesse’s picture was obviously a joke as the pic was the same as from a news article about a flight from Hong Kong to Milan. Apparently, Jesse cropped the headline photo, posted it on his IG Stories and joked that he as on the flight. But some 90 Day Fiance fans took it as a Tom Brooks’ type of flexing photo.

Some fans that missed the joke called him out, Jesse Meester took down the joke post and put up a serious one. In that, he announced he canceled his Shanghai trip and headed to Paris instead. So far, 90 Day Fiance‘s Jesse Meester has yet to comment on those who missed the joke and thought he was serious.

Jesse Meester - Before the 90 Days


90 Day Fiance: Is He Following in Tom Brooks’ Footsteps? No…

Jesse Meester’s post seemed to trigger people based on Tom Brooks’ social media blunder last year. Because the 90 Day Fiance other ex of Darcey Silva posted photos grabbed from other people’s social feeds. Tom Brooks later tried to claim they were paid promotional posts, but that didn’t hold water for most critics.

Now, 90 Day Fiance fans wondered if Jesse Meester was somehow following Tom Brooks’ lead. The two are on good terms now, reportedly. Just recently, Tom extended an olive branch to Jesse and even showered him with good words. Jesse reciprocated the gesture and invited him out. Since then, Darcey Silva’s ex-lovers seem to remain on good terms. But no, Jesse wasn’t frauding like fans said Tom did in the past.

Jesse Meester’s IG Post Missed the Mark

Meanwhile, Jesse’s photo drew mixed opinions online. While some think the 90 Day Fiance star was frauding, others believe it’s a misunderstanding. Apparently, there were some who think his post was merely taken out of context. For starters, he is not known for his sense of humor. He rarely posts anything funny. So, it’s no wonder that many social followers took his post literally.

So, the disconnect here seems to be that Jesse Meester made a joke – when he never, ever makes jokes online. His social timeline’s full of advice, travel pics, and promotions for his coaching business. Thus, it’s no wonder that viewers didn’t get that he was being funny. Maybe if Jesse Meester lightened up and shared his funny side more often (like Tom Brooks does), people wouldn’t jump to the wrong conclusion…

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