’90 Day Fiance’: Darcey ‘Drunk’ in Bushes – Jesse Claims Police Called to Find Her

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Darcey Silva wasn’t on her best behavior when she met Jesse Meester in Amsterdam. Or at least that’s how he seems to describe Darcey’s time in his country when they first met in person. An interview Jesse did offered some startling details about Darcey during her trip.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days  – Jesse Meester and Darcey Silva

Reality Life with Kate Casey interviewed Jesse Meester at the end of the summer. What he had to say about Darcey Silva was rather alarming.

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Jesse suggests that he kind of fell in love with a fake person. Darcey did not present herself as she really is. Instead, he used “superficial” when describing the Darcey he finally got to know. Darcey Silva was not what he expected when he finally met her in person.

90 Day Fiance – Jesse Meester Rude Awakening?

The 90 Day Fiance star Darcey Silva, 43, posted pictures of herself online from a decade or two ago, according to Jesse. He believed this was the Darcey he was about to meet for the first time. But she was different when he went to get her at the airport in Amsterdam. Although he claims the age thing wasn’t what worried him at the time, he was more concerned that she wasn’t truthful.

Jesse Meester talked about how TLC’s 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days watchers perceived him as controlling on the show, especially when it came to Darcey’s drinking. But he claims he had a reason for concern when it came to her overindulging. He continued telling the host, Kate Casey, his story about his first week with Darcey Silva.

Before the 90 Days – Darcey Silva Drinking in Amsterdam?

Darcey met Jesse for the first time when she flew to Amsterdam. Apparently, she spent a good deal of time alone in his apartment while he was at work during her visit.


Jesse Meester said that the first time Darcey got drunk, he overlooked it. He thought it was just an isolated incident. But, according to him, that wasn’t the case. Then there was a second and a third, he said.

That’s when he said, “hey if you keep doing that then I am out.” This was during the first week they ever laid eyes on each other. The residual effects of Darcey’s drinking carried over to the show for Jesse.

Jesse Meester Claims Darcey Was Missing and Cops Were Called

Jesse went on to give other examples of her drinking. He claims that while Darcey was in his country visiting he felt somewhat responsible for her even though she is a grown woman. He describes how at one point during her visit, they couldn’t find her and they called the police.


Here she was in a foreign country visiting Jesse and she was nowhere to be found. From what he said, Darcey Silva was “drunk” and “fell in a bush.” Jesse told this to Kate Casey during their interview. He added, “we had to call the police to find her.”

90 Day Fiance – Jesse Meester Puts it All on Darcey Silva

Jesse then explains how now people call him controlling. This is especially true when he would ask her to stop her drinking. But apparently, 90 Day Fiance viewers didn’t see all of it.  He explained his thoughts on Darcey’s behavior while visiting him and his family in Amsterdam. Jesse said:

“When you are coming here from the first time and you decide to drink – that’s on you.” He then continued, “When you are not home and you are drunk somewhere and you are in a bush and we cannot find you – that’s also on you.”


Jesse explained how he felt about her drinking while in Amsterdam. He said, “Yes, do I care for your safety, absolutely. You are here in a foreign country.”

He continued explaining how he would feel bad if something happened to her. Jesse added…  she is a grown woman and she has some responsibility for her own actions.

Jesse Meester Offers Tidbits of First Week With Darcey Silva

According to Jesse, the first time, OK, “but the second time you start to realize there’s a problem here.”

You can hear Jesse’s interview on the podcast below – It is around the time marker 12: 32 on the podcast that Jesse talks about Darcey being “drunk,” missing, and the cops being called to find her.

Jesse went on to say that he doesn’t think Darcey had bad intentions, but much about her was fake.  He also made sure to say that  -“I don’t want to throw any shade on someone.” He also told Kate Casey that he doesn’t want to be disrespectful.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Images of Darcey Silva Deceiving?

Besides Darcey’s alleged drinking tendencies he also discussed the pictures Darcey used to lure him in. These are the only images he saw of her before meeting her in person.

Jesse said: “Why would you want someone to see an image of you that is not you?” All Jesse got to see up until that point is images of her looking younger. Jesse also added how he wanted Darcey to act real with him. But he feels that wasn’t the case.

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