’90 Day Fiance’: Darcey and Stacey’s DIY Spa Day – High Maintenance Twins Desperate in Quarantine?

90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined stars Darcey Silva and twin Stacey Silva are desperate for cosmetic comforts during COVID-19 lockdown. Many businesses close their doors during this pandemic. And, this includes places like hair and nail salons. Meanwhile, Stacey and her twin look for ways to keep up their beauty routines while stuck at home.

90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva and Stacey Have DIY Spa Day – Self-Quarantined

90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined is a limited TLC spinoff where cast members film themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the Silva siblings, that means finding ways to pamper themselves without access to their usual beauty routines. And, it seems they do just that.

Darcey Silva orders various things to have a day of pampering at home with her sister. And, 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined shows it’s much needed for the siblings. They’ve got a lot of things to keep up appearance-wise. And, it looks like this day of pampering helps them feel like themselves again.

Stacey Silva and her sister certainly enjoy the finer things in life. So, it’s definitely an adjustment for them without so many of the things they’re used to. Lockdown has a way of reminding many TLC stars of what’s important and what they really need to get by. But, a little at-home indulgence is just what the sisters need to feel a sense of normal again.

90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva - Stacey Silva - Self-Quarantined

90 Day Fiance: Stacey Silva and Darcey Relax at Home

Darcey Silva and her sibling are there for each other no matter what they go through. They fight and bicker regularly. But, at the end of the day, they’re there for each other when it matters. And, that’s especially true during this quarantine period.

Meanwhile, even though this is a rough time for most people around the world, the 90 Day Fiance cast members find a way to indulge in some of the comforts they’re used to. Darcey Silva says she and Stacey Silva have to “get beautiful again”. And, they have everything they need to do just that.

90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined reveals there are some mishaps along the way. Darcey Silva has some trouble with the equipment. And, she ends up breaking an electric nail drill mid-use. But, even though things don’t come out exactly like they do at the salon, Stacey Silva seems to appreciate the attempt.

Quarantine Not Treating TLC Star Well?

Recent updates from Darcey show she struggles during lockdown. She seems out of sorts in a recent Cameo clip for a fan. And, some viewers suspect she could be drinking to pass the time. Darcey’s change in appearance is drastic compared to what watchers usually expect. And, even ex Tom Brooks said she needs help.

Despite Darcey Silva’s recent antics online without her usual cosmetic comforts during quarantine, it’s clear she gets through this difficult time. Even though many 90 Day Fiance fans show concern, the good news is she has Stacey Silva and her children to lean on. Darcey often uses the hashtag #SilvaStrong when dealing with difficult times. And, this is definitely one of them.

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