’90 Day Fiance’: Tom Brooks Throws Shade on Darcey Silva but it Goes Over Her Head?

90 Days Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Darcey Silva looks for love again with a handsome Brit, Tom Brooks, in her scope this time around. But she keeps comparing him to Jesse Meester, which does seem to irritate the man from across the pond.

In a new preview video, Darcey Silva talks to Tom Brooks via Facetime just days ahead of jumping on a flight headed for London. On the new 90 Day Fiance season that premiered on Sunday night on TLC, Darcey talked even more about her past with Jesse. It looks like a trend starts to form with her hashing over her ex this season.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days: Darcey Silva Worries About Tom Brooks

Sunday night on the 90 Day Fiance season premiere, she worried if Tom Brooks was another Jesse in disguise. Well, check out the clip below to get an earful of how Tom seems to handle Darcey’s past romance dilemma. Maybe fans will see a bit of Jesse in Tom. But after all, it’s Darcey Silva who might need to spot this if it does turn out that way.

After all the talk and comparisons to Jesse, Tom Brooks might have a right to become a bit jealous. Or maybe even fed up. This could be one of the reasons for a scene that plays out in the 90 Day Fiance preview video. It seems he builds himself up but at the same time, it was almost as if he tore Darcey Silva down just a bit.

90 Days Fiance: Tom Brooks - Darcey Silva - Before the 90 Days

Tom Throws Shade On Darcey Silva?

Tom Brooks explains why it’s been four years since these two first met online but never met in person. He says when they first met he was with someone else. He also said that he was deeply in love with that person but it didn’t work out. Of course, Darcey Silva’s 90 Day Fiance journey with Jesse stood in her way at the time.

There’s no dissing of this person who Tom Brooks was “madly in love with”. All you hear from Darcey’s 007 guy is that his previous relationship just didn’t work out  – period. Then he takes the liberty of explaining Darcey Silva’s life at the time. He said she was with “some 25-year-old want to be” which makes him happy. Why? Because now anything he does looks good in comparison. But he doesn’t stop there.

90 Day Fiance: It’s All On Her?

While on the 90 Day Fiance camera, Tom Brooks goes on to say to Darcey via Facetime, “You’ve made a lot of mistakes, you chose the wrong person”.  What? he’s telling her she made “a lot of mistakes”? But he was madly in love and it didn’t work out? Is he assigning blame to Darcey Silva about her relationship with Jesse?

Then he follows with – “Now you have the opportunity to be with the person you were supposed to be with from the start”. It seems all Darcey hears is Tom telling her she’s meant to be with him. She gushes. At this point, Tom telling her that she made a lot of mistakes appears to go right over her head.

Darcey Silva wants to make sure he’s not another Jesse Meester in disguise. Her words tend to echo as scenes from 90 Day Fiance roll out in the coming episodes. It seems Darcey Silva sees this as true love with Tom Brooks. She’s got a man who doesn’t tell her how to eat pizza or ignore the way she likes to cut steak.

He Doesn’t Find this Attractive?

But there’s more to love than not picking on someone’s table etiquette. So far it’s either TLC’s editing or Tom Brooks himself putting Darcey in a dim light now and then.

During a previously aired interview, Tom Brooks did seem to put Darcey down while gazing into the 90 Day Fiance camera. Tom said, “Darcey is a very emotional person- something I don’t particularly find attractive.”

Apparently, Darcey Silva’s tendency to cry at the drop of a hat over her ex- 90 Day Fiance partner got to him. It seems the pain of that relationship comes rushing back at the mere mention of Jesse’s name.

Just like in the clip below, she talks about her time with the man from Amsterdam and tears up. So in Tom’s defense, maybe it just became too much. At one point during a scene on one episode, he asks her to stop talking about Jesse.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – It Looks Like That Went Right Over Her Head

So fans will need to figure this out for themselves this season. By watching Darcey Silva, it’s a matter of opinion if perhaps she did find a man with Jesse Meester traits.

Jesse seemed to put Darcey down at times to build himself up when they appeared together on their 90 Day Fiance seasons.  When Tom Brooks explained how Darcey made mistakes with her previous relationship in the clip above it didn’t seem to register with Darcey.

But overall, it doesn’t look like there’s room in this new relationship for the memory of Jesse Meester. It already seems to get in the way of this possible love connection.

Be sure to tune into 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After on Sunday nights at 8 pm on TLC.

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