90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva Gets Emotional over Tom Brooks in ‘Before the 90 Days’ Promo

90 Day Fiance‘s Darcey Silva gets emotional in the new Before the 90 Days promo with new love Tom Brooks. After her time with Jesse Meester ended in a trainwreck, Darcey is back for another shot at love. This time, she’s traveling to the United Kingdom to be with her new love interest. The recently dropped promo hints at more drama in the upcoming season. What can viewers expect from Darcey and her new flame?

90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva Too Emotional for New Man Tom Brooks?

Darcey Silva is known for emotional outbursts on 90 Day Fiance. She is a highly emotional person. Based on the latest Before the 90 Days teaser, it doesn’t look like her new boyfriend is fond of that quality. At one point in the 90 Day Fiance teaser, Tom Brooks reflects on that trait. He says Darcey Silva being emotional is something he doesn’t find “particularly attractive”.

Tom Brooks comes across as cool, calm, and collected in the 90 Day Fiance promo. Perhaps that comes across as a bit too aloof for Darcey Silva. It’s also possible that his calm nature counteracts Darcey’s outbursts and they balance each other out. Darcey Silva calls her relationship with Tom Brooks a “fairy tale”. Toward the end of the teaser she admits she loves her new man. But, he doesn’t say it back. It’ll be interesting to see how this relationship progresses.


90 Day Fiance: New Flame Tom Brooks Revealed

Darcey Silva teased the identity of her new man for months. It all started with pictures of the pair together – with his face covered. Whether he hid behind a hat or a strategic camera angle, things have been kept under wraps as much as possible in the months leading up to this 90 Day Fiance reveal.

Tom Brooks is a successful businessman in the fitness industry. His Instagram is chock-full of fitness model pics. In addition, there are snaps of him living it up with fancy cars and other luxury items. The London native is certainly not short on cash and seems to be living his best life. Somewhere along the way, the 90 Day Fiance celeb Darcey Silva came into the picture. Certainly, his luxurious lifestyle appeals to her expensive tastes.

Darcey Silva recently took to IG to officially introduce her across the pond lover. After months of dropping hints, she posted a snap of the two of them together – with nothing covering Tom Brooks’ face. After months of silence, Darcey seems relived that she can “talk” about her man now.

Drama for the Pair on the New Season?

In addition to learning more about their relationship and how they got together, the new teaser hints at drama for the duo. It’ll be worth watching to see if Darcey’s emotions are too much for Tom Brooks to handle. Darcey Silva’s most recent IG update suggests the pair are still going strong. But, it’ll be interesting to find out what TLC cameras caught while filming. Catch the premiere of the new season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Sunday, August 4 at 8:00 only on TLC.

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