’90 Day Fiance’: Cougar Stephanie Hides A Big Secret From Ryan – Recap

90 Day Fiance reveals that new cast member Stephanie Davison is keeping a pretty big secret from her much younger boyfriend Ryan Carr that will hit close to home. Mike Youngquist fails to impress Natalie Mordovsteva with french toast and a chilly pad. Julia Trubinka isn’t feeling at home on the animal farm. Yara Zaya steps up to jazz up Jovi Dufren’s apartment but he’s not happy about it. And Amira Lollysa gets detained in Mexico City on the way to meet Andrew Kenton. So grab your hula hoop and let’s break down season 8 episode 4 What’s Mine is Mine.

Stephanie Davison Is a Cougar And Lady Boss on 90 Day Fiance

Stephanie Davison is a 52-year-old self-made business-woman with some big plans. She’s quite the multi-tasker. We meet Stephanie as she is hula hooping in blue light glasses while taking care of her medical spa business. Stephanie is in training to break the Guinness Book of World Records for 100 hours of constant hip action. She believes the blue light glasses and her many self-injections keep her young. After all, she is the face of her business.

Stephanie Davison is new to 90 Day Fiance. She had no desire for marriage and children due to a tough childhood since her dad is bipolar. Things got interesting for Stephanie a few years back on a vacation to Belize where she laid eyes on “the hottest guy she’s ever seen” — 27-year-old Ryan Carr. At first, they were just friends but on a return trip things heated up and now they are a couple. Stephanie Davison owns her cougar label and refers to Ryan as her cub. The cringe is real on 90 Day Fiance.

90 Day Fiance: Stephanie Davidson - Ryan Carr

Stephanie Keeps Things All In The Family

Stephanie Davison spoon feeds key lime yogurt to her cat Bubba on 90 Day Fiance. While she informs him he will soon have a new “daddy”. If this doesn’t raise red flags, she chats it up with Ryan’s mom who is five years her junior. It seems Ryan has been scarce lately. She consults her psychic friend Maria to do a Tarot card reading to see if Ryan is fooling around since he has in the past. The psychic pulls a card that says other women are indeed around Ryan.

Maybe Stephanie can call up other famous 90 Day Fiance cougar Angela Deem to see what to do when your 20-something boyfriend lives in a country that also has women in it. The energy from the cards is getting worse. And her friend and psychic also wants to know if Stephanie is still playing the role of sugar mama to Ryan in the form of fancy watches. Ryan calls and Stephanie Davison questions where he’s been. He makes up something about fishing and coconuts keeping him from answering.

Stephanie Davison wonders if the negative energy is actually coming from herself. It seems one of the many times Stephanie found out Ryan was chatting up other women, she broke up with him. Then, Stephanie Davison called his cousin for comfort and, yada yada yada, they slept together. But Ryan doesn’t know this and Stephanie feels pressure to confess. Her friend suggests she probably should before the cousin blabs on 90 Day Fiance.

Natalie Is Freezing and Frustrated On 90 Day Fiance

Mike Youngquist wants to make a good old fashioned American Sunday breakfast for Natalie Mordovsteva. So ironically he chooses French toast. Natalie has no idea what that is and only wants to keep pointing out how cold she is in the thin-walled house she compares to a trailer. On 90 Day Fiance, Mike lets her help and she contributes by washing the eggs and complaining that it’s winter. Because Ukraine is known for balmy weather year-round.

Natalie dives into the French toast and is polite at first. But then continues chewing like Mike fed her a kitchen sponge. She food shames Mike about the sugary breakfast and whips a carrot out of the fridge to show her healthy superiority. And Natalie reminds 90 Day Fiance producers again that she is cold and deprived of an adequate supply of raw veggies. Natalie says she will just sit in the corner and eat her carrot for now.

Later on 90 Day Fiance, Mike takes Natalie for a drive to a strip mall. Natalie is still cold and wants to know where the woods end and civilization begins. The first thing Mike points out is where he gets his haircut. Natalie has googled “things to do in Sequim” and suggests a drive to see a waterfall. Mike explains it’s a far drive and he has to work so it will have to wait. Natalie uses this to run 10 feet away from Mike and start to cry because she needs “time to herself”. Mike pulls a carrot out of his pocket as a peace offering.

Julia Isn’t At Home on The Range

Brandon Gibbs’ mom knocks loudly on her son and fiancee’s hotel door to let them know it’s time to leave Washington D.C. and head back to the farm on 90 Day Fiance. So far, she micromanaged every bit of Brandon’s life and isn’t stopping now. Julia Trubinka sits in the back giggling until she realizes she is surrounded by acres of “forest” and it would take an hour to walk to a store for a Redbull and some eyeliner. In Russia, Julia lived in the city, where everything was at her fingertips.

Once at the farm on 90 Day Fiance, Julia realizes the only thing at her fingertips are hungry animals, condoms and crickets. In that order. Brandon’s mom gets an evil thrill of immediately making Julia don boots and climb into a pigpen. Not to mention rattling off orders of her snatching chicken eggs first thing in the morning. Next up, Julia meets the family farmhand, Aspen, who carries around a swaddled hairless cat — like Bigglesworth from the Austin Powers movies.

If this doesn’t freak Julia out enough, she is given Brandon’s old room to sleep in which looks more like the room where everybody’s junk is stored. Brandon’s new room is quite nice and even has a glass bowl filled with chocolates and condoms bedside. This makes everybody howl except for Julia. There is also a garbage can filled with live crickets in the kitchen to feed the resident iguanas. Julia begs to sleep with Brandon, but the ‘rents just aren’t having it on 90 Day Fiance.

Jovi Pulls The Rug Out From Under Yara On 90 Day Fiance

Yara Zaya survived the bayou and Jovi Dufren’s mom. So now, she’s moved on to complaining about Jovi’s apartment in the trendy warehouse district in New Orleans. Jovi is reading a book and she asks if it’s how to make a million for your future wife. She goes as far as to insult his dishes as being like “in prison”. Which of course they aren’t. She suggests the place needs an overhaul while in Washington state, Natalie dreams of stainless steel appliances and a tile backsplash on 90 Day Fiance.

The couple heads to a furniture store and Yara wants a blingy mirror and a white faux fur glittery rug. Jovi isn’t feeling any of it and just wants to get this over with so he can hunker down with a Bloody Mary. So, Jovi says nay to the rug and refers to their pad as “his apartment.” This sets off Yara and she storms off to order a car. The clerk who saw her coming and encouraged her to get what she wants suggests Jovi apologize to his 90 Day Fiance.

It’s a tense ride home and Jovi lets the door close on Yara on the way in from the parking garage. Yara gives the speech about all she gave up and how she needs that rug and mirror to keep her selfie game strong. Jovi relents and says he will order it online. She thaws a little and starts demanding that other things be immediately removed from the house such as the broken coffee table and, possibly, his bike. And Yara warns him, on 90 Day Fiance, that his casa is now her casa.

Zied Gets Approved and Says Goodbye to His Family

Rebecca Parrott sits on a park bench with a laptop continually refreshing Zied Hakimi’s visa status until it’s approved. Becca calls him up and Zied sounds pretty excited. Rebecca is elated and now has to find a place for them to live, since and set up Zied’s Playstation. She is relieved and excited and heads off to work at the chicken joint on 90 Day Fiance. Finally, she can sleep with the real Zied instead of his face on a blanket.

On 90 Day Fiance Zied prepares to move to America and marry Rebecca. He buys her a turquoise bracelet at a local market. At home, his family is sad to see him leave but wants Zied to be happy. Even though they aren’t thrilled that Rebecca isn’t Arabic and that she was married to a Moroccan man and ate couscous with him before them. But the family Zied is willing to let him fly hoping he can be “soooo maaach” happy in America as a 90 Day Fiance.

Andrew is In Pain When Amira Gets Detained on 90 Day Fiance

Amira Lollysa boards her plane for Mexico hoping she can make it to Mexico where Andrew Kenton waits. Time is running out on border restrictions due to the pandemic. Andrew came up with a plan to take advantage of a loophole to see if they can make it happen. They will both arrive in Mexico, quarantine for a few weeks at a resort, and then head to America. Easy peasy right? Not so much on 90 Day Fiance.

After Andrew lands in Puerto Vallarta, he gets a message from Amira’s dad that she’s detained in Mexico City. Andrew is pretty shocked that he didn’t beat the system. And Andrew calls airport security in Mexico City but it’s a bust since he doesn’t speak Spanish. Andrew is pretty upset thinking that Amira’s in some kind of awful place and he says it’s causing him pain. So, Andrew checks into the resort, then grabs a complimentary welcome margarita, and gets to work on Plan B. Till the next time friends.

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