’90 Day Fiance’ – Colt Talks Regrets – Larissa Eyes $3K Maine Coon Cat

90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson has to realize by now that Larissa Christina is totally infatuated with bigger and better. From the time Larissa Christina stepped into Colt and Debbie Johnson’s home, she wanted things bigger than what was offered, like the house they live in.

90 Day Fiance – Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina

It seems that bigger and better theme’s weaved into Larissa’s expectation now that she’s living in America. While it sometimes comes out as “bigge” while talking on the 90 Day Fiance show, you still know what she means. She recently took that theme into the realm of cats on an Instagram question and answer event with fans.

While some things are lost in translation, one thing that stood out for 90 Day Fiance followers was Larissa’s answer when asked if she is a gold digger. No, she’s not a gold digger, but a “cat-digger” the Brazilian beauty answered.

Just What did Larissa Christina Mean by a ‘Cat Digger?’

Considering Colt Johnson is a cat lover with three cats of his own, she’s asked to elaborate a bit. A cat-digger can mean different things to many people. Brushing the bangs away from her face, the 90 Day Fiance star went right to the subject of a Maine Coon Cat and what it costs.

Larissa originally came off as someone who’s not too fond of cats. She made this clear with the way he handled Colt’s fat cat, Cookie Dough. She said the feline weighed “200-pounds,” which was an exaggeration. But the cat does carry extra weight by the looks of it. Larissa didn’t seem to want anything to do with Cookie Dough because the cat’s too fat.

Somewhere along the line Colt’s love of cats rubbed off because Larissa now has her own cat. While it’s probably not that $3,000 breed she was eyeing, her cat Callie looks like a calico Maine Coon-mix.

Colt Johnson a Package Deal with Debbie Johnson and Three Cats

Colt was a package deal when it came to living arrangements. Larissa not only got Colt but his mom Debbie Johnson as well. Not to mention he also came along with three cats, Cookie Dough, Gabby, and Sugar Cookie Dough.

On the season première of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance, Larissa saw Gabby on the closet shelf and asked if she would “attackee.” Then when Cookie Dough tried to join the couple in bed, she handled the cat-like it was toxic waste.

Larissa Christina Likes Expensive Cats?

Did Larissa change her mind about cats once finding out there are some very expensive cats out there? She might be barking up the wrong tree talking about a $3,000 cat. Colt’s feline family members are rescue cats. If he wasn’t going to spend $20 for flowers in an airport vending machine, it’s unlikely he’ll spring for a cat costing thousands.

It looks like Callie’s a good compromise. Larissa’s new cat is adorable and the Callies’s got a lot of the expensive breed’s characteristics.

Maybe that’s what Larissa means when saying “cat-digger.” That’s a lot of dough to dig up to pay for a purebred Maine Coon Cat. Is she attempting to dig up the money so she can own a more expensive version of the cat? Does she plan to get Callie a brother or a sister cat? That might make her a “cat-digger.”

90 Day Fiance – Colt Johnson Addresses Regrets

While Larissa answered questions from fans on her Instagram, Colt did the same on his.  One 90 Day Fiance fan asked Colt: “Do you regret broadcasting your life on the show 90 Day Fiancé?” Colt responded, “I regret nothing.”

Another Instagram user inquired, “What do you think it takes to make a relationship work? Any advice?” Colt’s answer was priceless. He could only say – “When I learn the secret I’ll tell you.”

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