’90 Day Fiance’: Colt Johnson’s Tragedy Revealed – Beloved Cat Dies

90 Day Fiance news reveals a shocking loss for Colt Johnson and his mother Debbie Johnson. One of their beloved cats died leaving Debbie and Colt heartbroken. This has been a rough week for the mother and son. Larissa Christina was arrested for a third time for domestic violence. Mama Debbie then filed Colt’s divorce papers for him. Plus, one of their cats died. It sounds like a bad week in the Las Vegas home Colt and his mother share. Here’s what we know.

90 Day Fiance News: Colt Johnson A Cat Lover, Not a Fighter

As fans know, the home where Colt, Larissa, and Debbie live was the site of another explosive fight. Colt Johnson, as usual, remained calm and begged his Brazilian wife to calm down. But she didn’t, the police came, noticed what seemed to be self-inflicted scratches on Larissa and observed wounds on Colt – – and arrested her.

But one thing that 90 Day Fiance Larissa, Colt, and Debbie seemed to agree on was their love for their family pets. Viewers that follow them on Instagram saw Mama Deb and Colt gradually turn Larissa into a cat lover too. She even got her own cat, a Maine Coon Mix named Callie. Then together they adopted a gray kitten Smoky Joe recently (see below). That added to the existing feline brood of Cookie Dough, Baby Girl, and Sugar Baby.

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His name is Smokey Joe

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Colt and Mama Debbie Johnson Devastated

So it’s a sad week, given the arrest and divorce filing, Now we can report that Colt Johnson suffered yet another loss. One of the family cats passed away. They lost their cat Baby Girl to a sudden illness nearly a week ago, before all this arrest drama went down. Debbie Johnson first shared on January 3 that Baby Girl was sick and she’d taken her to the vet.

You’ll recall Baby Girl is the orange tabby that was seen on 90 Day Fiance Episode 1 as she watched Colt Johnson put Cookie Dough into a dress. Colt frequently posted pics of her, as did Debbie Johnson and even Larissa Christina. Debbie said on Insta “Baby Girl is very sick. They are still trying to find out what is wrong with her. It’s her second day of having to go in for an IV”.

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90 Day Fiance – Colt Johnson Loses Wife and Cat in Same Week

Debbie Johnson posted two photos of Baby Girl from the vet and the cat looked very ill. You can see in the slideshow above that Baby had a bandage on her arm where she’d received an IV and didn’t look very perky at all. Debbie wrote: “They are still doing test.We’re very worried about Baby Girl. I will keep you updated.”

Then she shared on social media that they lost Baby Girl as a result of this illness. Debbie posted the sad news and said: “Baby girl was a special gift. We will miss her[e]. Thank goodness we still have Sugar (in picture) and Cookie Dough. Now we also have Callie and baby Smoky Joe”. 90 Day Fiance Colt and Larissa have yet to comment.

Colt’s Bad Week Got Worse – Brighter Times Ahead?

As 90 Day Fiance fans know, it’s been a terrible seven days for Colt Johnson. When his bitter fight with Larissa Christina broke out, Baby Girl had recently died and no doubt, he was upset about that. Then there was Larissa’s third arrest and she reportedly tried to blackmail him, with the help of her friend Carmen, to force him to bail her out.

He decided to fight back, refused to post bail, shared the alleged blackmail texts, then filed divorce. Colt Johnson is still living with his mom Debbie Johnson, even though she mentioned on the Tell All she planned to move out. Certainly, he needs time to grieve the loss of his marriage and beloved Baby Girl, then perhaps things will get better for him.

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