’90 Day Fiance’ Colt and Larissa Casting Video Released – Debbie Wows The Masses

90 Day Fiance stars Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina started somewhere to get their story on the TLC show. That’s where the casting video comes in. From describing Colt as a “handsome geeky” to Mom Debbie Johnson not wanting to interfere, this looks like the perfect storm. For a reality show that is.

90 Day Fiance – Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina Casting Tape

Colt’s mom’s included in this casting video. She’s Debbie Johnson and in the video, she’s ready for her son’s new adventure. After all, she’s become a big part of their reality show story. You might say she’s the voice of reason. This filmed before Larissa found herself on the wrong side of the law. Everyone seems happy in the casting video, including Debbie Johnson, Colt’s mom.

Colt describes how his infatuation with Larissa Christina took hold after he started his long-distance communication with her. He said while her English wasn’t perfect, just by talking to her Colt knew that he wanted Larissa in his life. In between Colt and Larissa’s take on the situation, Debbie has a few words to say.

Colt, Larissa, and Mom Debbie Johnson the Perfect Recipe for Drama

Colt describes how he fell head over heels for Larissa then a quick blurb from mom is heard. Debbie suggests how South American girls are known to have a bit of a hot temper. Debbie had no way of knowing when the casting tape filmed if Larissa would fall into that class or not. With that said, it looks like mom wasn’t too far off.

Debbie also had no way of knowing at this time where she would fit in with Colt and his Brazilian bride-to-be. But she says “it’s a mother-in-law situation, so it could be difficult.” So it looks as if Debbie did prepare herself and wasn’t filled with false expectations.

Little did she know just how difficult it would become. But she was a trooper all through the ups and downs. When Debbie surfaced as a surprise guest on 90 Day Fiance after the show segment last week, she had nothing but nice things to say about Larissa.


90 Day Fiance – All’s Well That Ends Well

Colt, who is a self-described mama’s boy, did tell Larissa he lived with his mother before she took the trip to America on her K1 visa. She says in the casting tape, “Colt’s mother is a bit controlling. No wonder the folks at TLC picked this trio for the show. They’re self-described as a hot-tempered South American woman, moving in with a controlling mother of a mama’s boy. Now if that’s not the perfect recipe for drama – nothing is.

While Colt did say Larissa is the love of his life, as his reason for wanting Larissa here with him – her take seemed different. In contrast to Colt, Larissa saw this as coming to America, the land of “opportunity.” But with her handsome geeky man and the chance to live in America Larissa saw great things for herself in the future.

Both Larissa and Colt referred to each other as “the love of my life” in the casting tape. But Larissa also had an infatuation with America as well. It looks like, despite all the drama, Colt and Larissa are still together.

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