’90 Day Fiance’: Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina Already Married, Marriage License Revealed

90 Day Fiance stars Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina were just introduced last week on the new season. It turns out that it looks like these two might already be married. The evidence is already out there.

Evidence shows 90 Day Fiance couple Colt Johnson & Larissa Christina are married

The Clark County marriage records show that Las Vegas resident Colt is married to Larissa. They actually tied the knot clear back in June 24, 2018. It is possible that she already has her visa now, but that is still unknown. If not, it should be coming soon and probably won’t be hard for her to get either.

There is no reason to doubt that this is their marriage license. The 90 Day Fiance couple seems to be working, but it will be interesting to see if the marriage lasts or not. Colt did admit that he decided to try dating international girls since he wasn’t having luck with girls in the United States. It seems to have worked for him, but hopefully, it was for the right reasons.

Fans think Larissa might be in it for the wrong reasons

It turns out that fans think Larissa might be marrying him for the wrong reasons. They are being compared to the couple Jorge Nava and Anfisa Arkhipchenko. This is simply because she is coming across as a gold digger to some. So far, the couple has only been seen on one episode of 90 Day Fiance so it will take time to see if it is love or not. After a few more episodes, everyone will have an opinion.

Colt even admitted himself that he thinks she may be a bit confused about the way things are in the USA. He said, “I think Larissa has a false understanding of life in America. Not everyone is a millionaire. Maybe she thinks I just have a lot of money in the bank or under the mattress or something.” Colt actually doesn’t have money and she is used to living in a home with maids taking care of her. They were only with each other in person for five days before he proposed to her. This relationship moved really fast.

Now, viewers will have to watch 90 Day Fiance each week to see if Larissa and Colt can make it work. They do seem like they care about each other. She was ready to move and be with him. It will now all be about if she is here for the right reasons and if they can get along while spending time together in person. She could also be a bit shocked to see that money is tight for her once they get married.

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